Two Ram trucks stolen in Orangeville on St. Patrick’s Day

March 23, 2023   ·   0 Comments

Members of the Dufferin Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) are currently investigating two separate thefts of vehicles in Dufferin County.

On March 17, shortly after 10:00 a.m., Dufferin OPP received a call for service at a residence on Aspen Crescent in the Township of Mono for the theft of a vehicle. It was determined that a 2022 grey Dodge Ram 1500, crew cab, with black a tonneau was stolen at approximately 3:45 a.m., on March 17, 2023, from the complainant’s driveway. Officers secured video surveillance where three suspects are observed entering the vehicle and driving away. The investigation is continuing.

 Dufferin OPP officers attended a second call for service involving another stolen vehicle. A 2022 black Dodge Ram was stolen from the driveway of a residence on Faith Drive in the Town of Orangeville sometime in the overnight hours of March 16 – March 17. The investigation is continuing.

If you have any information or video surveillance footage in relation to any of these thefts, please call the Dufferin OPP Detachment at (519) 942-1711 or 1-888-310-1122.

You can also provide information anonymously by contacting Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or submit your information online at

Dufferin OPP is committed to enforcement initiatives targeting this issue and will continue to educate residents on crime prevention strategies to minimize victimization.

Auto theft crime prevention tips:

Today’s auto thieves are increasingly turning to technology that bypasses security systems allowing vehicles to be stolen. Electronic auto theft is on the rise as more vehicles are equipped with technology such as keyless entry fobs. In fact, the insurance industry has seen the growing trend that thieves are able to copy fob information and steal cars right from your driveway. The term “relay thefts” involves the use of equipment designed to boost and exploit the signals sent out by a vehicle’s legitimate key fob. This allows for a thief to unlock and start an engine of a vehicle remotely. 

Residents can help protect their vehicles by taking any of the following crime prevention measures:

•      Ensure your vehicle keys are kept well away from doors and windows

•      Use a signal blocking pouch/box – they can block your key fob from transmitting its code to the vehicle as the pouch is lined with layers or metallic material

•      Turn off the keyless fob wireless signal at night (refer to your car manual for instructions)

•      Use a steering wheel lock or car alarm – this could add a significantly delay or be a deterrent for thieves

•      Consider a secondary audible car alarm – which works by using sensors placed in different points of your vehicle

•      Park in the garage (if possible)

•      Insert a car tracker – unusual activity is monitored, and car can be tracked using GPS if stolen

Police and its insurance industry partners also want to raise public awareness about the opportunities for criminals who intend to steal personal identification from unsecured vehicles. Licenses, insurance, vehicle ownerships, passports, as well as mobile devices or laptops, offer criminals the opportunity to further victimize individuals who do not lock their vehicles, or who leave their valuables in plain view.

Vehicle owners/passengers can do simple things to decrease the risk of being victimized, such as:

•      Never leave a running vehicle unattended

•      Lock your doors

•      Roll up your windows

•      Keep valuables out of sight

•      Keep your registration and proof of insurance in your wallet or purse, not in the glove box

•      Pocket your keys

•      At night or during extended parking periods, always park in a well-lit area.

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