Fifteen businesses sign up for teen’s Riveting Adventurez game

August 16, 2018   ·   0 Comments

By Mike Pickford

A young Orangeville entrepreneur is encouraging local residents to “unlock your Sherlock” as she launches Riveting Adventurez in the community.

Teenager Ameena Abdulaziz has always had something of a creative mind. Now, she’s hoping to share that with the community with the release of Clockwork Orangeville, an interactive adventure game that leads players on a chase through downtown Orangeville.

Drawing inspiration from numerous scavenger hunts and escape room games she has been involved in during her childhood, Ms. Abdulaziz started to think about how she could create a game of her own right here in town. Following a trip to the Royal Ontario Museum last year to celebrate her 17th birthday, Ameena says “something clicked” in her mind and she went about setting up Riveting Adventurez.

“Riveting Adventures creates and hosts games where players solve a riddle that leads to a specific store in Orangeville. Players have to speak to the store owner and search the store to find a clue. They do this across several stores in town until they have enough clues to solve a mystery,” Ms. Abdulaziz said. “Puzzles are combined with a mystery story to provide a fun, outdoor experience.”

More than 15 local businesses have signed up to participate in games hosted by Riveting Adventurez. Ameena has held several “test” games for family and friends in the lead up to her official public launch. Since that opening earlier this summer, she has had one group come out and try their hand at Clockwork Orangeville, but she’s hoping to see more as we head into fall.

Without giving too much away, the premise of this first Riveting Adventurez offering centres around a missing painting. Ameena says an inspector was assigned to the case, but he went missing before he was able to crack it. Players have to find out who is responsible for the missing painting and the disappearance of the inspector.

Games run on Fridays (12:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m.), Saturdays (11 a.m. and 1:45 p.m.) and Sundays (flexible availability). The game costs $90 for a group of three, with an additional $30 tagged on for each player up to a maximum of six. There are varying levels of difficulty depending on what each group is looking for.

Alongside Clockwork Orangeville, Riveting Adventurez also offers a ‘Parasols and Monocles’ photo tour of the community. This is similar to a scavenger hunt, Ameena says, and is geared towards younger children and those in the community who would like to learn more about Orangeville’s history and culture. Costs for this tour vary depending on party size.

This is Ameena’s third venture into the world of entrepreneurship. As a six-year-old she set up a snack stand on her front lawn to help pay for an expensive toy she wanted and then, when she was 12, she made and sold her own jewellery. As she enters adulthood, Ameena has big plans for Riveting Adventurez.

“I’m definitely envisioning a big business type model, where we have lots of people coming through town and playing. Eventually I’d like to be able to bring in my own staff so we can have multiple games going at once – giving people lots of options to choose from,” Ameena said. “While I’d love to welcome people from the community to play, I think this is potentially a great opportunity to welcome people from the GTA to come to Orangeville, learn more about the history of the community and visit some of the amazing stores in our downtown.”

She concluded, “We want to see as many people as possible come in and unlock their Sherlock.”

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