Cedarport Window & Door Centre Inc. expands showroom at Mono location

September 5, 2019   ·   0 Comments

By Brian Lockhart

When you are building a new house or renovating your current home, the front entranceway is the focal point that makes the biggest impression and defines the look of your abode.

Cedarport Window & Door Centre Inc. is expanding their Mono Plaza showroom to provide a larger selection of custom doors on site and give visitors the opportunity to see what is available and find out more about the quality of new models.

When choosing a new entranceway for the front of your home, a visit to the showroom gives you an opportunity to see the real product rather than try to make an important decision by looking through a catalogue.

Cedarport has wood, steel, and fiberglass doors in a wide variety of styles and sizes. From a standard opening to extra wide and tall doors that provide a spectacular statement, they have the options that will add that extra panache to your home.

In business since 1985, Cedarport Window & Door Centre Inc. services residential homes that are undergoing a renovation or rebuild as well as brand new homes under construction.

With customized doors you can make a variety of choices with colour and trim that will serve to accent your front entranceway based on your taste.

“We created this showroom because we understand that people really want to see the products,” explained Cedarport Window & Door Centre Inc. President Dave Patterson. “Our new showroom expansion is specific to front entranceways. We did that because it is such a personal thing in a person’s home.”

With modern construction the use of steel and fiberglass allows for variety of door styles with the added bonus of durability. While traditional wood doors have a certain appeal, over time they will lose their shape or warp. Modern technology allows for attractive steel and fiberglass door that not only look good, they stand the test of time and are resistant to the elements.

Featured on several of the showroom door samples are multipoint systems. The multipoint hardware locks at three points, providing additional security.

The doors can be customized to your taste and the style of the home and entranceway. 

“You can have different colours,” Mr. Patterson said. “You customize the door for what you are looking for. You can choose your style of glass. Having people in to see the doors is very effective in helping people decide what they want. If you really want to see what’s available in doors today, we have the largest selection in the area with full installation services. If you want to tailor the look of your front entrance and door, come into our showroom and we can show you all the varieties you can get and all the latest door systems. “

The showroom also features a display of residential windows for new construction or to replace the existing windows in any home.

Cedarport Window & Door Company Inc. has fully qualified crews of installers who will efficiently install or replace the windows in a home. The windows are all customizable to suit your home and your personal taste.

When renovating an existing home or planning the construction of a new home, the entranceway is a feature that will impact the over all design and appearance of any house. 

You can visit the showroom at Cedarport Window & Door Company Inc. to see what is available and learn how you can select and customize your door and entranceway to enhance your home’s appearance.

Cedarport Window & Door Company Inc. is located inside the Mono Plaza at 633429 Highway 10, Unit B.

Showroom hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m, and on weekends by appointment. 

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