Back in good health, Mark DuBois performing at Relessey Church this Sunday

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By Constance Scrafield

Mark DuBois is so happy with his life. After a difficult time of health problems for some months, he is healing and working and back to his life.

“My students are back with me; I have my health and happiness in my home.

His new love is his new church, St. Andrew’s Anglican Church in Alliston. There is a Healing House beside the church. 

“I did a course for eight weeks there,” he told the Citizen. “Anyone who needs healing, the Healing House helps you to heal from your own mistakes and to forgive and forget the past.”

Now, in full vigour, living in Orangeville, Mark has a home studio and is now appearing on stage with his own concerts and at other events. He was invited to sing at Westben Arts Festival in Campbellford this year for the 20th Anniversary. 

His studio is “so successful that of three of my students from this year, one has gone to Sheridan for the performing arts; one is going to Randolph School of the Arts in Toronto and the third is at Laurier in Waterloo. Then, of course, Elisabeth did four years at University of Toronto in music teaching and is finishing her teachers’ college in London, Ontario.”

He said, “They come back every week to see me.”

Coming up next is a fund-raising clinic for Relessey Church on County Road 8, in Mono.

His attachment to Relessey Church came about by Mark Nelson, a farmer who lived across the road from his home on the Mono -Adjala Townline,. Mr. Nelson had his grave site at Relessey. Mark Nelson persuaded Mr. DuBois to take a multi-grave site for the many urns of ashes of family members that still resided in a closet in the DuBois home.

“There was my aunt, my sister (who had died in a fire), and my parents,” he explained. “Maria [his wife] and I have grave sites there too.”

He was asked if he would do fundraising concerts there from time to time and, having agreed, produces them semi-annually. The concerts showcase his students.

“My studio is famed for giving its students opportunities to perform in big concerts,” he told us. “Many others of my students have gone to universities and achieve great things.

The concerts they do are as professional -some of them in major venues – as you’re going to get. I think it’s important for students to perform really, in front of discerning audiences. It can lead to other engagements for them. I sing with them too.

“What else I love about these concerts is I sing with my family. Elisabeth, of course, and (son) Christopher, who has been studying with me since he was – well, very young. And my beautiful wife, Maria, who has been singing with me for 30 years.”

Built in 1870, Relessey Church is architecturally a Revival Gothic. It was the centre of the tiny village of Relessey, founded by an Irishman, Charles McQuire, of which only the church remains.

Mr. DuBois remarked, “I love that some of the kids that have been through my studio, have been through the Young People Company with Theatre Orangeville too.”

Mark DuBois is lyrical tenor, who has sung in very many of the most famous theatres and opera houses around the world. He has performed to sold-out audiences at Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto. His photographs hangs on the walls of the Sony Centre, along with the many well known, well loved stars who have tread that stage.

In the book of Opera Who’s Who, Mr. DuBois has his own space, where he is also noted for his wonderful lyrical tenor voice. 

“I’m inviting potential students to audition at the end of November,” Mr. DuBois informed us, adding, “There are no criteria to the auditions. They have to be seriously interested in music and I will tell them about their voice. I ask them why they want to take singing lessons. “

In due course, Mr. DuBois plans to do auditions himself for roles in professional theatre. “There are tenor roles for older men in musical theatre,” he commented. “It would be good to be on stage like that again.”

The upcoming concert at Relessey Church on County Road 8 (Mono Centre Road) is this Sunday, September 22 at 2:00 p.m.

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