Tree planting event coming to Erindale Park

October 14, 2022   ·   0 Comments

By Sam Odrowski

Residents from Orangeville and the surrounding area have a chance to help beautify the town and promote ecological sustainability.

Sustainable Orangeville’s bi-annual tree planting event, held in the spring and fall each year, is slated for next Saturday (Oct. 22) at Erindale Park.

Those looking to attend must register for the event by Oct. 20 at

Orangeville councillor Grant Peters is helping facilitate the event and said it’s a great opportunity to freshen up the area by adding to its tree canopy.

Roughly 200 plants will be going into the ground, a combination of bushes, wildflowers, and trees to promote biodiversity in the green space.

The Credit Valley Conservation Authority has its experts decide the species selection and map out what should be planted where.

Coun. Peters noted the importance of tree-planting initiatives like the one scheduled for Oct. 22.

“Especially in more dense urban areas, the tendency over the last 50 years has been really to pave everything. It causes stormwater and flooding issues, creates heat island effect, which is when city temperatures are warmer than their neighbouring regions,” he explained.

“We also hear a lot about the pollinators and getting them back to healthy populations. So it’s really multifaceted in how it addresses the environment. And through initiatives like this, we can keep finding those pockets, to really supplement nature and get Orangeville more balanced in terms of how much hardscape versus how much natural areas there are.”

Coun. Peters said he often sees 30 to 40 people out participating and is hoping for a solid turnout.

“It’s a great time,” he told the Citizen. “Some people will do some of the tasks – the digging rather than the planting – and there are all sorts of little things that kids can do to chip in as well, in terms of collecting buckets and bringing mulch too.”

Coun. Peters added, “It’s not just about getting out there and being efficient. It’s really a good event in terms of camaraderie and social aspects.”

He said he’s thankful to the people who usually come out for the twice-a-year tree planting and organizers are always looking for new people to join in.

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