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By Brian Lockhart

There was a rather poignant moment during the funeral service for Queen Elizabeth when, for the first official time, I believe, there was the singing of God Save the King.

This was the ‘private’ final service, although there were still quite a few people there, and it was televised.

When the attendees began to sing the anthem, the camera focused on King Charles, who of course, as reigning monarch, would not sing the words to the anthem.

Charles looked like he had the weight of the world on his shoulders. This was a moment he had been training for, and waiting for, his entire life.

Hearing the word ‘King’ in the anthem must have dropped the reality of the situation on him, after a lifetime of waiting, and the fact that his ascension to the throne occurred at the cost of losing his mother at the same time.

Although he always knew this day would come, when the day finally arrived, it must have delivered quite an impact on him as a person.

Life is all about transitions. No one ever goes through life without changing as a person, changing their position in life, or just moving through time.

Those transitions usually are major turning point in a person’s life that get bigger as you get older.

The first years of your life are one constant transition as you move from grade to grade in school.

One day you’re the ‘niner,’ as we used to call them in high school, the next thing you know you’re in grade 12 and of course, a big man or woman on campus.

Go ahead another year and you’re back at the bottom when you go to university or college and suddenly, you’re the first year student who knows absolutely nothing about anything.

After you finish your schooling, you’re at the bottom of the pile again as the new person at work. If you’re lucky, you will be at a place that is welcoming and friendly. Of course, you could end up in a place where you’re just another cog in the wheel that keeps the business running. 

It is said that funerals and weddings are made to be a big deal, because they are among the most important transitions in life.

Marriage is a commitment – at least it’s supposed to be, and it is not only life changing, it’s a lifelong commitment for many. Although some people apparently don’t take it so seriously.

A funeral is considered a big deal because it’s your final transition, and you won’t get another chance. The service however, is really for the living you leave behind.

Making the decision of having kids will change your life completely, and for the rest of your life. You can go from the couple who loves to party all weekend to the couple who are sleep deprived and haven’t been out to see a movie or go to dinner in a nice restaurant for over a year. 

The following years, however, may be the best of your life as you see that child go through their own transitions. And there’s a good chance they will be the last person you ever see while they hold your hand and you gurgle out your final thoughts from a hospital bed. 

Two of the biggest challenges you face in life are changing jobs, and buying a house.

When you buy your first house, your life will change dramatically. Suddenly there are chores you’ve never had to do before, things that need to be fixed, decisions made on how to decorate, what colours to paint, and what types of plants to put in the front garden. Then there are the expenses of new appliances eventually, replacing the worn-out roof, furnace, and water heater.

On the good side, in only a quarter of a century, you will make your final mortgage payment and claim full ownership.

Changing jobs, especially in mid-career, is a huge transition. You hope you’re are making the right decision. Sometimes working for a new company works out well. Other times you realize the grass was not greener and you start to wonder if the Acme Widget Company would be interested in taking you back. 

Yup, it’s all one long journey. 

Good decisions, bad decisions, you’ll make them, all but the best you can do is ‘carry on.’

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