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Theatre Orangeville’s Broadway Bound – The future is here

January 21, 2021   ·   0 Comments

On now and until Jan. 28 at Theatre Orangeville’s Online line-up of entertainment is Broadway Bound, a concert of members of Young Company’s alumni, who have performed through the last several years in Young Company’s many musical productions. Some of them have already taken on roles as professionals on Theatre Orangeville’s Main Stage and elsewhere. 

This is a show not to be missed, for it proves the tremendous value of Theatre Orangeville’s involvement with this community’s youth through its programs like Young Company and Theatre Orangeville Exceptional Players (T.O.E.P.). 

It is the best show so far, according to my companion audience member. What follows is not meant to describe the performers in any particular order, except to say: 

Darcy Baker opens the show, singing music she has been working on recently and letting us know where she is studying music and performance now; telling us how much working with Theatre Orangeville has made a difference to her life. When the COVID-19 dust settles and this beautiful young woman has the chance to spread her wings, we will see her on many stages. 

Darcy talks about her involvement with the theatre and Young Company, her lessons with Mark DuBois and her continuing education at Sheridan College. How pleased she is to be included in this online theatre event. 

Duncan Lang is another young person who made it a point to audition for most of the productions Young Company staged for the four years he was involved with it, coming from Newmarket every day, five days a week for all those weeks over the years. A noteworthy dedication, also, on the part of his parents. 

He sang the sort of music “I’ve been doing recently, studying at Sheridan. I thought I would like to share it with you,” he explains to his virtual audience. 

Lang is thrilling to watch. 

These two talented young people are examples of the many young people who have cast their youthful summers in with Young Company, for one or many seasons. Very often, they arrive as shy and awkward teenagers but go on to find themselves performing before an audience, then bowing with broad smiles to the grand applause their performances has earned them. The self-confidence they develop will do them well all their lives. 

Patronizing Theatre Orangeville by buying tickets to these very exciting online shows goes, in part, to supporting the important artistic adventures the theatre brings to young people. 

All musical performance, except for a cappella, needs accompaniment, which was provided for the singers by Nicolas Mustapha, pianist for all callings. Nicolas has played the accompaniment for several of the Young Company’s musical productions. 

In the beginning of this run of Theatre Orangeville’s online shows, Nicolas brought his band, ToneFusion, as the first show. He offers a couple of solos in Broadway Bound, jazzy pieces to prove his talent and add his flavour to the entertainment. 

He tells us, the audience in what Young Company productions he has played and how much he has enjoyed his association with Theatre Orangeville. 

Lindsay Scheel performs a tap dancing and singing routine for Broadway Bound. Delightful! So great to watch her. She has covered all types of dance during her long years of lessons, practice and competitions. 

She once told the Citizen, “I’ve been studying ballet and jazz since I was two or three. I did gymnastics too for a while but I stopped because I like dance best.” 

The kind of heart and soul this young woman has put into her dancing career, as she certainly sees it, shines out in her display of dance in Broadway Bound. 

Hayden Thomas joined in the party with a brilliant performance of his chosen piece, an intricate work, his fingers fluid across the board – so much to watch – so impressive to hear. He was playing Strong “from the 2015 live action remake of the ‘Cinderella’ movie, and it was arranged for piano by the marvellous Jarrod Radnich,” he let us know, in a brief email. 

Hayden explains to the audience that he has been involved with the musical side of Young Company for a short time and has enjoyed his association with them and being part of this online event. Hayden and Nicolas shared to the two piano accompaniment for the Young Company production of Matilda. 

The opera moment of the evening was presented by Katherine Pound, who has “recently returned where I was attending the Manhattan School of Music.” A soprano, Katherine sang an Aria, in Italian, so beautifully balanced, so refreshing in the purity of her voice. Bravo! 

Her comment was to praise the idea of these online concerts and shows and her pleasure at being a part of this one. 

Katy Greenley brings her own reflective music and songs to the show, each a pensive take on our current lives, which she sings, accompanying herself for two on her ukulele. 

“I’ve been with the theatre for seven years,” Katy remarked to the Citizen recently. “It has made a huge difference to me.” She said. 

“Broadway Bound is a fantastic way to support Theatre Orangeville and young talent they support. I feel so lucky to be involved with these people; for an online performance this is one of the best ones you’ll see.” 

Abi Oliphant came on the screen to sing two songs, with passion and sincerity, in a lovely green dress. She told us that she loved to sing and had been involved with Young Company productions. 

The way she has stayed sane through the restrictions of the pandemic, Abi explained, was to keep in close contact with her friends online. 

Katy closes Broadway Bound with her third song, in places a quiet rap, in places a simple wish. The genius behind her song coming at the end is a clear demonstration of the powerful lessons in performance. 

Patrons, and everyone in this town should be very proud of Theatre Orangeville – “your theatre” – in this ground breaking approach to keeping “live” theatre in people’s lives, spreading the joy across the country – it’s the internet – across the world. Yet, with a policy of maintaining an income for the theatre, people are discovering Theatre Orangeville, who would otherwise never have the chance of knowing it. 

Next up: Brave New Works, opening January 29. Then, roll on February! Get your tickets at or call the Box Office on 519-942-3423. 

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