Political correctness running wild

April 3, 2018   ·   0 Comments

By Brian Lockhart

“Surely you can’t be serious?”

“Yes, I am, and don’t call me Shirley.”

Our language today has other problems.

“Hey Bob, how’s your… er… your parent.?”

“Which one?”

“Um, the the one whose name starts will a ‘P’”

“They both start with a ‘P’. It’s Pauline and Paul.”

“Yes, I meant, the parent with the dark hair, and wears.. um shoes.”

“That’s both of them. They both have dark hair and wear shoes.”

“Okay, well, the one that used to bring you to the arena for our hockey games.”

“They both did. Which parent are you asking about?”

“Oh, the one with the beard… drives the pickup truck?”

“You mean my father?”

“Um, well, we’re not supposed to refer to people by any kind of gender influenced reference any more, however, yes, I will admit to referring to the person… your parent that has the more masculine… er,, not masculine, but the one that… oh hell yes, your father. How’s your father.?”

You will be hearing this conversation or something similar if the current wave of extreme political correctness actually influences the public.

First it was the PM’s ‘joke’ about referring to the human race as ‘peoplekind’ to be more inclusive, but now this latest development from Services Canada might prove that our government has gone full-blown goofy and is expecting the rest of the country to follow suit when it comes to extreme political correctness.

A directive to Service Canada agents is telling them to use gender-neutral language.

They are to avoid using terms such as Mr., Mrs., father, and mother.

The directive to Service Canada employees states “It is important that Service Canada, as an organization, reflects Canada’s diverse population and ensures that the views and interests of Canadians are taken into account.”

There we are with that Liberal government agenda word “diverse” again.

Common sense seems to have no place in this current administration.

It doesn’t matter what ‘diverse’ background you come from – which corner of the planet, which social group, which race, creed, tribe, or religious group – if you were born, you have or have had a mother.

No amount of extreme politically correct speech is going to change that.

The directive handed to team leaders states “This avoids portraying a perceived bias toward a particular sex or gender.”

How could referring to someone as ‘mother’ or ‘father’ in any way at all be perceived as any kind of bias on any level?

I can’t think of one instance at any time where any normal person could possibly be offended by someone referencing their ‘mother’ or ‘father.’

This type of extremism taken to the tenth degree, and it seem to be heading that way, is just some kind of thought police action that is getting out of control.

To what end will public agents continue with this nonsense?

What should school kids call their male teachers? Since both ‘Sir’ and “Mr.” denote gender, and calling a teacher by their first name is a serious breach of school etiquette, should the new way of addressing a teacher be ‘Your Highness’ or the more informal “It?”

Think of the confusion if you ever had the cause to visit a convent or a monastery. The Girl Guides and Boy Scouts? Wow, there’s trouble. And if they ever figure out what the ‘M’ in YMCA stands for, that might be cause for some kind of high level court of inquiry.

Should Mother’s Day and Father’s Day now be called ‘Parental Unit A or B Day’ with hefty fines handed out to any restaurant who dares advertise a Mother’s Day luncheon special?

The new trend of having gender reveal parties when a new baby is due will have to scrapped because if you hang an “IT’s A GIRL!” sign, well, the boys aren’t included.

Considering this directive came from a government agency, you can bet there was a committee involved in this. Probably a sub-committee or three as well, followed by meetings, more meetings, and finally an approved agenda stamped with a seal of approval by a bunch of bureaucrats with, seriously, nothing better to do.

Fortunately, most people in the real world have a decent grasp on common sense and will not bow to this politically correct insanity that is spewing out of Ottawa.

Yes, it’s okay to call your mother ‘Mom’, she won’t be offended.

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