Parkinson Centennial Public School hosts 2nd-annual ‘Artsplosion’ event

June 1, 2017   ·   0 Comments

By Jasen Obermeyer

Parkinson Centennial Public School has held its second annual “artsplosion,” an evening of the arts where the school community comes together to showcase and celebrate the various artwork of the students.

The event ran last Thursday (May 25) and saw students taking orders in a French Café style, visual arts throughout the halls, 3-d and 2-d artwork, along with every kid in the school doing three pieces of their own artwork. The gymnasium displayed more artwork, along with a live performance for the talent show. The show included artwork of “audiences favorites,” dancers, singers, and tap dancers.

The students were also accepting donations to help support next year’s art activities. Paola Argentino, the school’s principal, confirmed they raised $170 in donations.

Amanda Hunter, the school’s premier planning teacher, from kindergarten to Grade. 2, says she was originally approached by Ms. Argentino to start a committee for the art night. “As somebody with a background in visual arts, I have a big passion for it. So I said yes, and we got a committee together to start organizing this big event.”

She described the evening as a celebration of the arts, and the kids are very excited, because different kids have different strengths, so those whose strengths are in the arts, they can showcase them to the school community. “They showcase a different strength that students have, it’s awesome that we can do that.”

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