MoD launching new research tool for historic landmarks

March 3, 2022   ·   0 Comments

By Paula Brown, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Have you ever wondered what a historical landmark looked like in the time period it was built?

The Museum of Dufferin (MoD) Archives is launching a new interactive research tool called, Historic Landmarks of Dufferin County, that gives residents a snapshot of the early history of Dufferin County.

The new research tool is an interactive map that allows viewers to select and look at photographs as well as read text about any of the almost 200 landmarks featured; including historic villages, schools, churches and cemeteries, businesses, transportation, and public buildings that helped form the County.  

The project was developed by the MoD Archives department, headed by archivist Laura Camilleri who guided interns Megan Solomon and Danielle Wadden in creating the research tool over the last year.

“Working on the Historic Landmarks of Dufferin has given me the opportunity to explore my roots. I have had a great time with my team designing the map and I hope everyone can see the passion that went into it,” said Wadden.

“I hope you all enjoy learning about the history of Dufferin County through the interactive map. Through researching the map, I got to explore some of the old hotels in the area and the way the Scott Act affected them. It has helped to expand my own personal interests as well as allowed me to research a County I am not as familiar with,” said Solomon.

Camilleri said the historical information featured in the map is a collection of over a decade of research work done by the local museum.

“[Danielle and Megan] worked it into small concise paragraphs, to put out with an image so that people can see and learn more about places that their ancestors may have lived, visited or played in,” said Camilleri.

The hope through the new research tool is that it will be an inspiration for people to take on their own property or genealogical research.

Camilleri said the local museum has seen a lot of interest over the years with people wanting to know more about their family history, and recently there has been more activity with people discussing through social media the business, places, and people that used to exist within the community.

“I thought it would an intriguing opportunity to bring all of these options together, and it a great walk down memory lane,” said Camilleri. “For genealogists it a bit of a goldmine.”

Historic Landmarks of Dufferin County launches on March 4 via the Museum of Dufferin’s website (

“It’ll be really exciting to see how the community looks at it and how they respond,” said Camilleri.

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