Letter re: federal election result

October 7, 2021   ·   0 Comments

Last night last hope
People had their say
Our country will never be the same
Divisions were coming from far right and far left
Our society has never been so confused with what really mattered 
The world is in crisis
Some people really care 
However lots of noise of angry opinions that didn’t make sense
We do not really understand the real essence of freedom, rights, equality and such when our forefathers and mothers who fought to bring us the luxuries we are enjoying today 
We lost respect to communicate with each other 
Last night was not about who won, but how the people expressed their frustration
We missed the core of the yolk 
Even we don’t see what is important to fix what is broken before it is really too late
I am an optimist 
I am very hopeful that my country men and women will try to reflect on what is important to save ourselves our families our environment our country our world

Matthew McGugan

Orangeville, Ont.

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