Free, but at what cost?

April 3, 2018   ·   0 Comments

The Wynne government just announced that they are planning to roll out free daycare in 2020.  They said it’s to include children from 2.5 years old until they attend kindergarten. 

As wonderful and financially helpful as this may sound for families who could use this break in high child care expenses, nothing is for free in this world.  Someone is going to have to pay for the “free” daycare costs. 

The daycare employees have to be paid, the building and facility operations have to be maintained and supplies have to be purchased.  Where does Wynne think this money is going to come from?  I’ll tell you where it’s coming from, my pocket.   I can’t afford any more tax hikes or extra expenses to my dwindling income. 

I’m a single parent who is already struggling to get by.  I work three jobs just to make ends meet.  It’s difficult to hand over my money to a government who is so careless with the wages I’ve worked so hard for.  The more I work, the more they take.  I can’t get ahead.  I’m barely scraping by as it is.

So on one hand, I completely understand how the concept of “free” daycare sounds very appealing to families in need. I’m one of those families.  However, I’m also bright enough to know that nothing comes without a cost to someone, somewhere down the line.

I would probably consider this option myself if it wasn’t going to affect the wallets of everyone.  This is just a ploy for the Wynne government to get votes.  There is an election just around the corner.  It’s very strategic timing indeed.

People will vote for the Liberals because of these big ticket ideas not realizing that this will actually hurt a lot of people in the long run.   

We have to stand up and say enough is enough!  Stop the careless spending, the ridiculous promises and the added taxes to the people who just can’t afford it anymore.  I, for one, am headed to the poor house. I’ll have to get a fourth job just so I can pay for the extra taxes that are headed my way. 

When will this madness end?

Sam Coutts

Orangeville resident

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