Fall poem

October 20, 2022   ·   0 Comments

I am shedding like a snake
It is time for a change
I look forward to the same 
gasp of excitement
in my own way 
But change is challenging
How can I take my moment 
of reconciliation 
when everything could be chaos
within me or my world 
spinning opposite to what is expected?
I drudge accordingly 
trying so hastingly
to evolve to my new outer skin 
I feel that I am often judged 
on my outer self
But the change that I love 
and anticipate 
is the renewal of my spirit
To be better and to be wiser
But as I leave the shed skin behind
I know 
that letting go of the past 
is as real as my newer self  
I am rejuvenated
I am hopeful 
I am content 
This is the time to let go and embrace
the metamorphosis
of my being.

Matthew McGugan


Editor’s Note: Matthew McGugan is a non-speaking writer with autism and is currently embarking on “the endless writing of poetries.” He recently finished this untitled poem, which is an attempt, as he says, “to explore the time of fall and letting go.” 

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