Doug Ford’s big mistake

September 7, 2023   ·   0 Comments

Now is not the time to build highways we don’t need through farms, forest, wetlands and through our Greenbelt.
Now is not the time to destroy our Greenbelt when we’re in climate crisis.
Now is the time to change. Now is the time to think forward.
Now is the time to upgrade Ontario’s outdated infrastructure, including every road, railway, bridge, culvert and storm sewer. Or else we are at risk of being crippled by severe flooding events happening all around us right now.
Many on and off ramps need upgrades on all of our aging 400 series Highways. A great deal are over 50 years old and cannot handle the traffic volume that exists today. This creates dangerous bottlenecks onto the live lanes.
I know of many areas that have needed upgrades for a very long time all over the GTHA because I’ve been driving a tractor trailer for the last 34 years in the GTHA.  I don’t need the 413. I need the roads that already exist to be repaired and upgraded. As a commuter and an AZ truck driver, the 413 will do very little. Simple upgrades will defeat the purpose of the 413. Come on Doug, don’t destroy what little we have left for the sake of a few of your cronies.
We need forward thinking to solve our housing crisis, not 1950’s destructive sprawl thinking!
Build up, not out.
Develop existing lands in the GTHA cities (86,000 acres)
Repurpose vacant office buildings and shopping malls.
Developments that integrate with nature, not ones that destroy it.
Now is the time to save our farms, forests, wetlands and our beloved Greenbelt for our future.

Doug Ford:
It’s your Choice
It’s your Legacy
It’s our Future!

Terry Brooker

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