D-C residents want referendum on electoral reform: Tilson

October 7, 2016   ·   0 Comments

Dufferin-Caledon MP David Tilson has  released the results of a consultation on electoral reform he conducted with constituents over the past six weeks.

“I am pleased to be able to release the results today of the consultations I undertook with residents in Dufferin-Caledon over the past month and a half,” Mr. Tilson said Wednesday. “The feedback I received clearly indicates that my constituents want their say on any proposed changes to our electoral system that the Trudeau Liberals might propose.”

In mid-August, a consultation document was mailed to all 49, 573 homes and businesses in Dufferin-Caledon. In the document, a response form was included which asked: “Before changing how we elect our MPs, should the government hold a referendum to get the approval of Canadians?”

By September 30, a total of 1,833 responses had been received which represents a return rate of 3.76%. A total of 1,643 respondents indicated yes to the question (88.04%), 217 indicated no (11.63%) and six were undecided (0.33%).

“It is encouraging to see that the wisdom of the voter is on full display in Dufferin-Caledon,” said Mr. Tilson. “Mr. Trudeau may have a majority government, but a majority of Canadians did not vote for his party in the last election and therefore he does not have a mandate to unilaterally change our electoral system.

“To have any legitimacy at all, he must take his proposed changes to the people for a final say.”

In addition, Mr. Tilson tabled a petition in the House of Commons from constituents asking that the government hold a referendum on any proposed changes to our electoral system.

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