County offers Caledon court staff new POA office on Louisa Street

June 21, 2018   ·   0 Comments

By Jasen Obermeyer

Dufferin County council has decided to offer Caledon staff a lease that if agreed upon, would see the Provincial Offences Administration (POA) office at the Orangeville courthouse moved about a block east, to 10 Louisa Street.

The discussion came at this month’s council meeting last Thursday (June 14). Amaranth’s Mayor and Deputy Mayor, Don MacIver and Jane Aultman respectively, objected to the proposed offering.

“Caledon makes money on this deal. It doesn’t cost them. The municipalities in Dufferin County pay for these positions,” said Deputy Mayor Aultman. “Why is Caledon dictating where we can go and what we can do?”

“I like it where it is,” added Mayor MacIver.

Under the proposed lease, the POA would use the Louisa Street space for $1 per month. POA matters would be held in courtroom 103 or another courtroom designated by the Ministry of Attorney General (MAG).

Caledon staff are currently contracted to administer the POA court in Dufferin, but have been fighting with the Ontario Superior Court staff for space at the courthouse.

Originally there was supposed to be an all-councils meeting at the end of March, but it was determined instead to have one just between POA and MAG staff.

“If they aren’t happy with it, then the County of Dufferin should take over running the POA court,” commented Orangeville Deputy Mayor Warren Maycock. “I want to move on.”

“It was agreed upon that the two courts would work together with the adequate court space and that they were satisfied with the direction it was going,” said Mono Deputy Mayor Ken McGhee in regards to the POA and MAG meeting.

However, the day before the council meeting, Caledon town clerk Cindy deGroter sent a letter that they are not satisfied.

“I’m frustrated as anybody else,” added Deputy Mayor Aultman. “I don’t think they will sign it.”

The future of the POA court in Orangeville still remains unresolved, but Deputy Mayor McGhee later told the Citizen that county councilors and staff are hopeful Caledon will agree to the proposed lease.

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