Burbank Cres. resident expresses parking concerns to council

January 13, 2022   ·   0 Comments

By Sam Odrowski

Parking problems have long plagued Burbank Crescent, according to some residents of the street, and one brought their concerns before Council during a regular meeting on Monday (Jan. 10).

Vivian Petho said she was pleased to see Orangeville Council approve a bylaw to permit parking on just one side of most town streets, noting how difficult the current parking situation is in her neighbourhood.

However, she expressed concern that there are a number of cars parking on the street through the nighttime, which is an infraction, and she worries that once one-side of street parking restrictions go into effect, there won’t be enough manpower within the bylaw department to enforce the rule.

“Do we have enough bylaw officers to maintain/police this? Because it seems to me that bylaw [officers] – I very rarely see them anywhere around,” Petho noted. “So, I’m just wondering if this change happens, who’s going to maintain and keep that actually happening? Or are we just going to have the same problem going on?”

Mayor Sandy Brown responded by noting that the Town has hired a couple additional bylaw enforcement officers in the past year who are out now in the evenings and on weekends, conducting parking patrols. 

Town Clerk Karen Landry added that she’ll pass Petho’s comments along to the bylaw enforcement officers to see if they patrol that area, which she said should be on their nightly route. She said she’d bring a report back to Petho after she speaks with them.

Landry also noted that upon implementation of the one-side of street parking restriction, which is set to go into effect in spring of this year, there will be signage erected on impacted streets so residents are made aware of the change in rules.

She said with respect to parking infractions, she’d encourage Orangeville residents to submit any complaints they may have through the Town website or by emailing the bylaw department at or calling the Town at 519-941-0440.

Coun. Todd Taylor said as a councillor, one of the top three complaints he hears from residents about parking within Orangeville is at Burbank Crecent, and he’s hoping the one-side of street parking restriction will help alleviate some of the pressure there.

“The parking on one side of the street isn’t necessarily going to solve all of our issues, I think it’s going to make it better, but in the summertime it will exacerbate things,” he said. “People who are parked on the one side of the street may leave their vehicle there for days or weeks at a time with no repercussions. So, I just wanted to share with you that Council is looking at time limits, and I know town staff is doing their due diligence on that now.”

Coun. Taylor said to Petho that he’d encourage her neighbours to continuing contacting the Town or Council when there’s parking problems and they will do their best to address them.

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