Hansen connection

October 20, 2022   ·   0 Comments

Sam Odrowski, editor,

Please inform those concerned that completion of the Hansen Blvd. connection is in reality a project worthy of greater consideration than so far apparent.

When I moved to Orangeville over four years ago, I was told that the newly constructed houses at the west end of Hansen would have access to the east end of Hansen in the coming year.

That was quickly determined to be a figment of a realtor’s imagination. 

NOAH, so it seems, built and occupied his ark, with all the animals, more quickly than the perceived road construction for Hansen Blvd. 

This concept of “the developer has begun the design for the connecting road and are(sic) planning to start construction in early 2023″, ought to be considered only as more imaginary pieces of a mental process that is not adequately formed.

The planning for the road from Hansen, at the east end, to connect to the bridge portion, ought to be finished by sufficiently knowledgeable individuals in a matter of days, not months, and the physical activity completed before the bridge is finished, for connection, in order that, regardless of landscaping, the emergency vehicular traffic can make the appropriate travel by early 2023, to meet any/all requirements for the residents that have been addressing this egregious situation so diligently. 

I was informed that the funds for this project have been duly allocated and ought to be made available upon receipt of acceptance by inspectors. So, why the delay? Finish the blessed project and get paid for the effort!

Bernie Lynch,


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