Updated parking restrictions coming to Mono Cliffs Provincial Park

March 11, 2021   ·   0 Comments

By Peter Richardson, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

The Draft No Parking By-law regarding Mono Cliffs Provincial Park and its entrances from 3rd and 2nd Lines, was brought before Mono Council on Tuesday morning.

At an earlier meeting, Council had decided to allow parking on the west side of 3rd Line opposite the parking lot, on a seasonal use only basis. This would mean that when the snow drift window is not present, cars could park on, the mowed area.

Mike Dunmore, a Town staff member who authored the report, indicated that there would also be “no parking” along the 2nd Line EHS north of Mono Centre Road (County Road 8).

Upon further study, it was determined that parking was also becoming an issue at the intersection of 2nd Line EHS/25th Sideroad and should be addressed as a part of the parking policy for Mono Cliffs Provincial Park.

At this point, it was decided that further adjustments should be made on 25th Sideroad so as to accommodate the concerns of a resident regarding parking in front of his residence.

Coun. Fred Nix brought up a potential issue regarding access to the Bruce Trail, on 25th Sideroad, but was relieved to find that there would in fact be parking allowed there.

As it stands now, there would be no parking on the West side of 3rd Line from County Road 8, for 900 metres north of County Road 8 and for 1100 metres north of County Road 8 to 2540 metres north of County Road 8. On the east side of 3rd Line, there would be no parking from County Road 8 to 2540 metres north of County Road 8.

This would effectively control the parking around the Provincial Park Entrance on 3rd Line EHS. The signage is currently in house at Public Works and with installation will cost approximately $10,500.

Mr. Dunmore expects the installation to be able to commence this Spring, as soon as the frost is out of the ground.

Further to the Parking By-law amendments, the matter of how the new by-law will be enforced, as it pertains to parking, was addressed by the Clerk, in a report to Council.

Currently, the Municipal Law Enforcement Officer (MLEO) and the OPP are authorized to enforce the Parking By-law. The MLEO is defined as “a person duly appointed by the Corporation of the Town of Mono for the purpose of enforcing the parking provisions of this by-law.” However, Park Superintendent Jillian Van Niekerk, has stated that she is willing to have her staff be appointed as MLEOs. This will require Council to pass a by-law appointing MECP Park Wardens as MLEOs for the purpose of enforcing the parking by-law and make a formal request to the Ministry for the service. The roads over which they would have authority must be in the by-law.

The Town currently employs one part-time MLEO, who bills by the hour plus mileage. Having him address parking as well as his other duties will result in more billable hours.

Thus, it would seem prudent that the Town hire another part time MLEO, to handle solely parking issues.  Deputy Mayor Creelman spoke to the need to have everything up and running as soon as possible, ideally before Easter, so as to present a united front once the warm weather crowds begin to form. As a leading force behind this issue the Deputy Mayor has done a great deal of work on the problems. He said that Council needs to give staff clear direction as to what is to be expected. This would include getting the Park staff and the OPP organized to do it. He mentioned the hiring of a part time MLEO, primarily someone who can work weekends and statutory holidays. Mr. Creelman reiterated that this would be a seasonal position and his feeling was that there are people out there who could fill the position.

Retired police officers were one group that he mentioned.

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