Time to compromise?

October 19, 2016   ·   0 Comments

ORANGEVILLE COUNCIL will begin its budget deliberations next week, and there’s good reason to suspect that they won’t be as fractious and interminable as those in the first two years of council’s four-year term.

As you’ll see elsewhere in this issue, Town staff have produced a draft 2017 budget that seems to be eminently reasonable, in that it indicates no need for an increased tax rate, with the need for more spending being fully offset by an expected increase in revenue from predicted population growth.

The draft seems to allow for both preservation of services and increases in staff remuneration tied to inflation.

However, the absence of any increase in the tax rate doesn’t mean every property owner in town won’t have to pay more taxes, since that will depend on how much the assessed value of each property has risen since 2012.

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