Time for governments to declare bankruptcy

January 5, 2017   ·   0 Comments

Wake up Canada! The  Federal treasury in Ottawa is bankrupt, and the Provincial treasury in Ontario is bankrupt.

Now, Canadian taxpayers are being faced with a  life-and-death  choice to make.

Are we just going to let ourselves be eaten up and totally consumed by our dying financial system? Or are we going to try to avoid it by  taking our lives and our country’s future, back into our own hands?     

The only way each and every individual citizen in this country, can ever hope to escape out of becoming actual slaves to the politicians  and to our  country’s  lenders is by our Country and our Province both declaring bankruptcy and starting over with  clean financial slates.

Politicians know this to be true, but (as the old expression goes) they don’t want to go down holding the bag alone.   Also, the  ‘Big Wigs’  and  ‘Fat  Cow’  creditors will do everything they can to delay or prevent them from  ‘throwing in the towel’.

Toronto’s  politicians are desperately trying to  stay in  operation,  as long as they can hang on, for themselves, by taxing their  individual working-class citizens in  more places and  ‘to-the-hilt’. One of their latest  primitive ideas of taking in more taxes is with ‘road tolls’.   Last springtime, that idea  was hinted by some Ontario politicians;  and now it is being strongly endorsed and promoted by Toronto’s  mayor, John Tory.    

They want to start with the Gardiner Expressway,  the Q.E.W.,  the Don Valley, and then on and on.   Because it won’t stop there.    Eventually,  road tolls could spread throughout the country.   That is, if Canadians will let it. That unjust tax grab will attack first the most vulnerable; responsible, hard-working-class  commuters.

It will force them to ‘pay-up’  more; or else.    And, it is also just another political  cowardly  way of dragging as many common defenseless citizens down with them,  in the inevitable financial crash/collapse, to soften the bounce when they hit bottom.      

This way, Canadians are deceitfully, but willingly,  being driven into bond slavery.    

How long do you (the reader) have,  before you too will need to financially, and physically completely surrender to your present and future master, the Lender?   

Have you noticed the sell-offs our politicians have been doing in and out of our country for some time now? All of our country’s  gold reserves in  Ottawa are now gone; totally sold off  to pay for  some  of the interest on Canada’s massive federal debt.    Ontario has also been selling-off/privatizing  our Energy resources to pay for some of the interest on the provinces’s massive debt.     What else do you see them working towards privatizing and or selling?   And to what foreign country?    

They are not hard to spot if you are listening and your eyes are open.                                                                 

Now, Canada’s prime minister, Justin  Trudeau is going around the world looking to  sell off  our country to foreign investors, and disguising his purpose with words such as infrastructure investments.    

How much do you think our country’s provincial and federal politicians would be willing to accept to give our country over to foreign investors/countries such as ISIS  or China or Iran, Germany or Europe?

By their actions, and for the sake of money, could they  be betraying Canada?

Remember Judas; what his position was in the party, what he did, and why.    

And, what name did they call him  for what he did to Jesus, that Person he was supposed to be following, serving, and learning from?    

Is our Country falling into the hands of many a  ‘Judas’?

If all this has you a little confused or puzzled, that  shows you how much our country’s political leaders have been keeping  most Canadians  ‘in-the-dark’ for just too long. Now what?

Gordon C. Snell

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