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May 19, 2016   ·   0 Comments

MOTORISTS FRUSTRATED at the lower speed limits and lane reductions on Riddell Road between the Alder and Centennial Road intersections should find solace in the fact there will be a lot less congestion in the area once the new McDonald’s and other retail outlets now being built are open for business.

But now that some of the arterial route is going to be fully ‘citified’ with the filling in of ditches and installation of curbing, we think it’s time Dufferin County and/or Orangeville started looking at the need for the entire roadway between Broadway and Townline to be expanded to four lanes plus left turn lanes at the intersections.

After all, the arterial roadway clearly serves a double function, as a connecting link for County 109 (which clearly should be restored to provincial highway status) and for local traffic going to and from the malls and other commercial sites.

At peak periods, the two-lane roadway is already nearing capacity.

And while the County is looking at this need, Council should surely also address the obvious need for a truck climbing lane on 109 between the Willoughby and Porterfield (Peel 136) intersections.

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