Shade structure coming to 10&10 Garden Centre in Mono

April 22, 2021   ·   0 Comments

By Peter Richardson, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Mono Council heard two different Site Plan Agreement Exemption requests last week.

The first is from 10&10 Garden Centre, 634026 Hwy. 10, asking to be allowed to erect a shade structure at the South end of their green houses.

This is to function in conjunction with their greenhouses and will provide shade for the plants not in the greenhouses.

It will appear to the public as being similar to what is often seen in Grocery store or hardware store parking lots in springtime. It will be made from a series of galvanized metal frames and draped with a fire rated cloth to provide the plants with shade from the sun.

The seasonal plants in the structure are for day-to-day sale for a period of approximately three months.

Although the primary business of the greenhouses is the wholesale sale of plants grown there, the shade structure will allow, for a limited time, the retail sale of plants and associated garden products while also providing an alternate site for display and will enable customers to more easily maintain required COVID-19 distancing.

The structure will not affect the existing grading, drainage, parking or loading and the entire site will continue to function within the existing Site Plan. The shade structure falls under a permitted accessory use to the existing commercial greenhouse and is in compliance with the Town of Mono’s A-16 zoning standards.

Council granted the request of Mr. Jasbir Kooner, the greenhouse owner, unanimously.

The second request came from Schaus Land and Cattle Company Ltd and Ken Schaus, through Ron Davidson, Consulting Planner.

The cattle company, is located at 508216, Hwy 89, on the Southeast Corner of the 5th Line in Mono.

The request was to build an office space along with freezer space for the storage of frozen beef. Currently the office is located within the existing feed mill and is both dusty and very noisy.

The request is to allow the office to be outside the mill and therefore neither dust or noisy.

A septic system would be installed to accommodate the needs of the two employees involved. It will be connected to the existing well and no extra potable water would be required as the number of employees will not change.

There would also be no substantial traffic increase. Occasionally a truck would arrive with beef tombs frozen and an additional truck would leave the facility with the frozen beef. This minor increase would not impact either the Town roads or the Provincial Highway.

Deputy Mayor Creelman questioned whether or not there would be retail sales of frozen beef on the property and was assured by Mr. Davidson that it was his understanding that there would not be. The beef was being frozen for sale elsewhere.

Council had no further questions, nor objections to the request and a motion was carried to approve it.

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