Response to ‘Open Letter to Kyle Seeback re: Pierre Poilievre (Sept. 8)’

September 22, 2022   ·   0 Comments

Dear Ms. McKenna,

Thank you for sharing your concerns about my support of Pierre Poilievre, who was chosen by the Party membership on September 10, 2022, as the new leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.

Over 400,000 Conservatives spoke clearly on September 10th with Pierre receiving 68.15 per cent of the vote on the first ballot and winning 330 of 338 electoral districts in Canada. This is a decisive victory and represents both widespread support for him across our country and a definitive mandate to lead.

I disagree with your suggestions about his policy ideas. Wanting better pay cheques for workers, home prices that people can afford, and less government spending are not radical as you suggest. We’ve held the Trudeau government accountable for its’ disastrous record on tackling inflation. While I agree with you that inflation is being experienced around the world, many of the poor decisions made by the Bank of Canada have worsened inflation which everyday Canadians are feeling, as they struggle to make ends meet. Following Pierre’s comments in May, deputy governor of the Bank of Canada, Paul Beaudry, later acknowledged that the bank has, in fact, been unable to keep inflation at its target rate and should be “held accountable.”

Conservatives have and will continue to hold the current Trudeau Liberal government accountable on everything from health care, to housing, Indigenous affairs, refugees, and climate change. These are issues we raise daily in the House of Commons with the Trudeau government and is evidenced in the Parliament of Canada Hansard which can be accessed by the Canadian public at Your suggestion that we don’t do this is false.

As Shadow Cabinet Minister for Environment and Climate Change since February, I take the issue of climate change very seriously and have repeatedly said that climate change is real. I’ve said Canada must take strong action on climate change and protect our environment, while creating prosperity and pay cheques for Canadians. I’ve also held Prime Minister Trudeau and his Liberal government accountable for their climate change policies, such as the Carbon Tax, which is costing Canadians money, and has done nothing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Trudeau Liberal government has made many promises on the issue of climate change, but have failed to deliver. In fact, they’ve continued to miss their climate targets and GHG emissions have risen under their watch. You can find many examples of my statements holding the Trudeau government accountable on the issue of climate change on my Facebook page at

In his remarks last Saturday evening, Pierre also spoke of climate change and said we can tackle it with technology, not taxes. I look forward to working with him on this issue and the many other issues facing Canadians who are struggling with the cost-of-living crisis. I support Pierre because he has a positive vision for Canada that’s about putting Canadians first, which includes: allowing Canadians to earn more and keep more; producing more energy in Canada; begin building homes; making goods at home; standing with farmers and Canada’s Indigenous Peoples; safer streets; and restoring hope.

Pierre, at the very least, deserves a chance to prove himself as the new leader of our Party. I believe most reasonable and fair-minded Canadians would agree and would extend that respect and courtesy to any new leader of a political party in Canada.

Thank you again for writing me.


Kyle Seeback, M.P.



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