Popular Cruisin’ on First Car Show set to go online

May 29, 2020   ·   0 Comments

By Brian Lockhart

The popular Wednesday night Cruisin’ on First Car Show will get underway this week.

However, with the current rules regarding people gathering in public places making the car show in the parking lot at the Orangeville Canadian Tire store pretty much impossible for the time being, the Car Show is going online.

The show will still feature vintage and classic cars as well as theme nights.

Using Facebook as a platform, the show will give car owners the opportunity to not only put their cars on-line in the show, they can also provide information about the car like a history and technical specifications.

The online type of show will also allow cars owners from different areas the opportunity to take part.

Some car owners live too far away to drive in on Wednesday nights, so the online show will allow them to display their cars in a virtual show.

Other car owners who have not be able to participate in a parking lot show can also take advantage of this new way of doing things.

Some owners have cars that are still in the project phase, meaning they are not yet ready to drive. Others have cars that may be too valuable to drive on regular streets so the trailer them every where. They can now showcase their rides on the Show’s web page.

“We’re adapting to everything that is going on,” explained Cruisin’ on First organizer, David Murphy. “I just didn’t have the heart to change the Facebook page to ‘postponed,’ so I changed it to ‘now online. There’s is no meeting allowed ‘in person’ as far as I can see, but this is changing day-by-day. I know there’s a lot people who are disappointed, but as of now we are going to have the Show on-line. It might take a few weeks to ramp up but it’s going to start this Wednesday.”

Getting involved is as simple as joining the Facebook page and posting photos of your vehicle.

“Every Wednesday, I’ll start a post on our Facebook page in the morning,” Mr. Murphy explained. “All day, people can go on and post a picture of their car whether it’s a classic car or custom car, or even a project car. Some of the project cars people can’t even bring to the show because they aren’t drivable but now they can share it online and be a part of the show. We’re able to include everyone, even those from further away that can’t normally come. When the post, they can tell a story just like they were talking to a person.”

The Show normally has theme nights through the summer and that will still be in place with some modifications.

“We’ve got our whole schedule that we would have had for the whole year. That has been revised,” Mr. Murphy said “Spotlight nights will remain the same. Everyone can still post online. On the Thursday I’ll be posting the highlights of cars that fit the criteria that was posted. We’ll still have a few special nights like the decades night – the 50’s night and 60’s night – things like that. We’ll have a poll on Facebook where the public can vote for their favourite cars from the selection from that week.”

There has already been a good response from auto enthusiasts on the Facebook page.

You can see the show online or participate by showing off your classic, vintage, or modified car by visiting the page at, or visit Facebook and search for Orangeville Cruisin’ on First.

You can also keep tabs on the Car Show and the possibility that car shows in the parking lot may resume this summer if the rules regarding public gatherings are relaxed or changed in the coming months.

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