Orangeville team competes for Dufferin Cup cricket

September 14, 2023   ·   0 Comments

By Brian Lockhart

A cricket team from Orangeville is competing in the first annual Dufferin Cup Cricket Tournament at KTH Park in Shelburne through the fall.

Several teams from the region are playing weekends to complete in the tournament, running until October. The tournament got underway on Saturday, Sept. 9.

The Shelburne Cricket Club’s house league season wrapped up on Sept. 3. Organizers wanted to extend the season into the fall.

They invited clubs from around the area to put together their best teams to compete for the Dufferin Cup. Each club was allowed to handpick players for their team to enter the tournament.

The Orangeville Tigers have their best players on the pitch. Joining them in competition are the Shelburne Stallions, Amaranth Wolves, and the Mono Mights.

“Shelburne Cricket Club house league is a league where individual players register and they play the cricket house league to learn the game and play from May to September,” explained Shelburne Cricket Club president Ahsen Siddiqui. “The house league is done. This tournament is the first time we’ve done this in Dufferin Country. This is more premium cricket so it’s the best players from SCC and the surrounding area. They play crickets in other leagues. There are four teams. In this tournament the teams get registered, not the players, so the captain is allowed to bring any of his best players from around the GTA. Whoever wins this tournament will win a money-tree of $5,000.”

With a lot of cash on the line for the tournament-winning team, the squads are giving their best effort on the pitch.

The tournament trophy is a cricket bat-shaped design with over 5000 rhinestone crystals designed by Maira Quraishi.

“It’s a short tournament so each team will play six games and the final will be on Oct. 15,” Ahsen said. “The whole idea is to bring the Dufferin Cup here and bring people and tourism here.”

The Tigers lost their first game to the Mono Mights by a single run.

The Orangeville squad will be back on the pitch on Sept. 16.

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