Open Letter to MPP Sylvia Jones re: Greenbelt changes

February 2, 2023   ·   0 Comments

I think stability – especially in respect of lands – is vital.  Otherwise, how can I know what I can do with my farm and what may be permitted next door?  No changes should be made to the Greenbelt, or it should be revoked.
I’m inside the Greenbelt by about a kilometer and don’t like that, but if one Premier can institute the Greenbelt and his successor can change it, what can happen in future and of what use is the designation?
In addition to the Greenbelt restrictions, I’m a slave to Credit Valley Conservation, a county “Climate Action Plan” that keeps threatening ever more restrictions, the Endangered Species Act, Municipal Act, Forestry Act, Provincial Policy Statement and the conditions I accepted for my Managed Forest.  Instead of total freedom with one or two conditions, I’m now confronted by a fast-shrinking window of opportunity to make rare farm decisions without prior approvals from a vast network of vetoes.
Farmers are becoming servants of the state, not people with initiative.  We can’t keep up with all the acts and regulations.  At least give us stability.

Charles Hooker  

East Garafraxa

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