Ontario SPCA launches new online tool to create healthier shelter environment

October 19, 2016   ·   0 Comments

The Ontario SPCA has launched a new online resource to equip animal shelter staff, volunteers and veterinary care providers with information and tips to make animals more comfortable and provide a humane and healthy environment.

While designed specifically for animal shelter staff, volunteers and veterinary care providers, the information available on the new website is applicable to anyone responsible for housing a large group of animals. This includes breeders, kennel operators and event organizers, such as those hosting dog shows and pet expos.

“The goal of the website is to save lives with the most current best practices for improving animal health and welfare through effective management strategies, protocols and resources for infection and disease prevention and control,” said Dr. Magdalena Smrdelj, Chief Veterinary Officer, Ontario SPCA.

The Infection and Disease Control section of features up-to-date information gathered from shelter medicine experts on critical topics like intake procedures, personal protective equipment, cleaning and disinfection, zoonotic diseases and infection control. Easy-to-understand icons highlight and group subject matter to make the site more easily navigated by the user.

Previously, shelter health resources were available through the Ontario SPCA as a printed manual. However, shelter medicine is continually evolving with new research and recommendations and, as a result, the manual quickly became outdated.

“We invite shelter health professionals and anyone who works with large groups of animals to visit to review best practices when it comes to infection and disease prevention and control,” said Dr. Smrdelj. “The latest information that can help safeguard the animals in your care is now just a click away.”

Coming soon is a second phase of the website covering Environmental Needs and Behavioural Health.

For tips and information on animal health and disease prevention and control, visit

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