Nothing said, nothing done

June 10, 2021   ·   0 Comments

Nothing said, nothing done. Something said, still nothing done. 

Both the community and the handicapped need help.

On December 16th, 2020, I was T-boned at Centennial Road intersection on Riddell Rd. My life flashed before my eyes. There was considerable damage to my car, it was written off, plus a lot of stress dealing with the insurance companies. I am using my walker 24/7.

I sent a letter to the mayor and Council asking to have an advanced green light on the four intersections on Riddell Rd. This would have helped avoid my accident. The mayor and Council agreed this needed to be done but at this point there is still no advanced green light. This change needs to take place. We must make sure that everything possible is being done for the safety of all commuters, wherever they are going.

Where are the extra handicap parking spots? I was told June 2020 that the mayor and Council had approved another handicap parking spot in addition to the one that was already present. One year later, still no new handicap parking spots. I drew its attention to the accessibility committee and still nothing has been done. I have made delegations to accessibility committees in Brampton and Shelburne in the past. In Brampton there were two new bylaws helping disabled volunteers established. In Shelburne, three new places were established and they actually said thank you. 

There are numerous places in Orangeville where handicap parking should be approved and changed. For example, one mall had 33 places in front of the sotre and one handicap parking spot. I think perhaps Steve Murphy needs to have a chat with that group. They know the rules. Handicap doors often do not work. I have complained and often nothing was done. The painted handicap markings on the asphalt have faded and people cannot see the marking. Customers want to park close to the doors. There needs to be a sign placed so that people know that it is a handicap parking spot. 

Perhaps the mayor and Lisa Post need me to lend them a walker for a day with the words handicap written on it. This might give them a better appreciation for the trials that I must undergo. The mayor and Council need to move ahead with the lights and with the changes to the handicap parking. This would help prevent situations where people in Orangeville are injured or have difficulty getting to stores.

COVID-19 continues to be of concern, but the necessities of everyday living still need to be addressed. Bylaw officers need to begin planning and enforcing the rules that are going to come into effect for the safety of the Town and handicapped community.

Keith McKibbon


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