Nature themed Mural now complete on Main Street Bridge in Grand Valley

October 29, 2021   ·   0 Comments

By August Bettinelli

A group of artists in Grand Valley combined their talents and drew inspiration from their town, best known as “Nature’s Playground”, to create the Main Street Bridge Mural Project 2021, holding a ceremony celebrating its completion on Oct. 20.

“If you have a naked, raw wall, it’s just a wall, you pass it. Whereas if an artist has something to convey with some sort of message, it’s an opportunity,” says Tony Fenech, mural project coordinator as well as a contributing artist.

The bridge had previously been graffitied, and the Town of Grand Valley had been covering it up with blotches of paint.

Fenech says he saw this as an opportunity for art, and joined forces with several of the Riverbend Artists, which he is a member. Those members include Judy Van Helsing and Sherry Wick, Grand Valley Councillor Stephan Miles, as well as local businesses and town residents to make it a success. Ken Eppenberger of Focus on Decorating – Benjamin Moore championed the initiative, donating $20,000 worth of specialized paint to create the mural and cover future touch ups, as weather and water will wear on the mural overtime.

This past Wednesday (Oct. 20), a plaque celebration was held to acknowledge the efforts of those involved in the project.

The plaque was mounted to the bridge, reading “Main Street Bridge Mural Project of 2021”, and is dedicated to Fenech’s late father.

Fenech describes the ceremony as invoking “a really warm, sunny, beautiful feeling”.

Grand Valley and the area where the Main Street Bridge (Brooklyn Bridge) is located, is known for its abundance of wildlife, and many citizens gather around the river, participating in activities such as fly-fishing or tubing. Fenech says the project adds to the already existing natural landscape by incorporating nature-based silhouettes and using a green and white palette.

Along with impacting the arts and culture prevalent in the town, the piece is thought to further expand the tourism sector of Grand Valley as well, according to Fenech.

“When people travel by they notice, it trickles down to cafes, to events – it’s basically a ripple effect. Anyone and everyone will benefit from full scale art projects,” Fenech explains. “[Grand Valley is] a beautiful little hamlet of just north of 3,000 people that has 100 local farms, some beautiful dining, some great little shops, some artisans, and it’s definitely going to be growing in the near future.”

Furthermore, Fenech mentions that there are future projects in the works, and although nothing is confirmed, he says you can count on it having a colourful and psychedelic effect; something to showcase the “happy, shiny people of Grand Valley”, along with generating emotions.

Overall, this initiative was a great way to add to the artistic atmosphere Grand Valley has to offer, along with fitting in with the Fenech’s mentality of “leaving things better than when you came”.

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