Move over, it’s the law

March 8, 2019   ·   0 Comments

With respect to Sam Coutts’ letter “Unnecessary road rage” in your Feb 28 edition the writer suggests that Coutts refer to a Highway Traffic Act of Ontario offence, which reads “fail to keep right, less than normal speed”. That section does not state, at the “posted speed” limit. As the writer knows from frequently travelling it, the most common “normal “ speed of traffic on Highway 10 from Highway 410  to Highway 9 is between 90 to 110 km/hr.

It would appear that S. Coutts (from the letter) was northbound in the “passing lane” driving in a cautious manner due to weather conditions, and yet the two inconsiderate drivers who passed, “passed on the right” of the Coutts’ vehicle. 

Just because a person feels safest in a certain lane does not necessarily make it legal to remain in that lane.

D. Douglas 

Mono resident

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