Mono Council responds to residential fill application

March 25, 2021   ·   0 Comments

By Peter Richardson, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Michael Dermott of 634447 Highway 10 had recently filed for a variance to Mono’s Site Alteration and Fill Bylaw, which Council heard on Tuesday morning (March 23).

Mr. Dermott wishes to install approximately 80 truckloads of environmentally clean fill so as to produce a new driveway on his property. Previous to this time, Mr. Dermott was using a farm driveway on an adjacent property, that was owned by his mother. That lot has now been sold and a new formal driveway must be completed to allow continued access to his property.

Following procedural norms, the proposed variance was sent to the Planning Department for consideration and notification of adjacent landowners. As no objections were noted and the request was in accordance with all existing allowable uses for a Rural A Zone, the Director of Planning was advising Council to approve the variance.

Based upon a request from the property owner, CAO Mark Early suggested that Council waive the usual $20,000 deposit which accompanies such a variance and instead, accept that the owner, Mr. Dermott will cover all of the Town costs during the deposition of the fill. This request was justified by the fact that all that was left to do was the inspection of the fill by Town engineers. Passed upon these findings, the variance was approved by Council.

Speed limit reduction, road safety

In the interests of housekeeping, Council next voted to reduce the speed limit along 3rd Line EHS between Hockley Road and Dunby Road to 40km/h. Currently this stretch of the road is at a higher speed limit, while the rest is already set at 40 km/h. Although a traffic study showed that the majority of drivers obeyed the posted limit, the move simply made the entire stretch of road one speed limit.

Further to matters of highways and traffic safety, Council heard from Mike Dunmore regarding the ongoing discussions with the MTO concerning some 24 items of concern for Council concerning Provincial highways in Mono. He reported that he has had very good meetings with MTO staff, but that some matters have been delayed due to his leave and COVID restrictions. Mike is currently preparing a summary of the meeting with MTO, for them, following which he will be able to disclose decisions that have been or will be made. He feels that positive things have been accomplished, however the summer of 2021 is unlikely to see the correction of any items discussed, as no intentions of construction have been received by the Town.

Community donations

Council’s 2021 Donations Requests was brought forward at the session and Coun. Ralph Manktelow preferred a change to what was presented. It was his contention that the Town should use more of its budget amount of $6,600, seeing as during this pandemic, many organizations are feeling the pinch of the COVID restrictions.

His suggestion was that the donations should be as follows. Dufferin County Canadian Black Association, $240, Headwaters Food and Farming Alliance, $500, Hockley Community Hall, $2,000, Royal Canadian Legion Service Recognition Book, $470, Orangeville SPCA $300, Shelburne and District AG Society, $1,000, Shelburne and District Fire Department, $500, Stevenson Memorial Hospital, $500, and the Headwaters Hospital, $1,000. These amounts totalled $6,510 of the $6,600. Council was in agreement with these revised figures and a motion in these amounts was carried.

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