Justin Trudeau’s latest job-killing tax

June 20, 2024   ·   0 Comments

Dear Editor,

Justin Trudeau and his incompetent finance minister have hit hardworking Canadians yet again with their latest tax hike to pay for their uncontrolled inflationary spending without even passing a law.

Now, Justin Trudeau has decided to hike taxes on homebuilding during a housing shortage. He is raising taxes on doctors during a doctor shortage. He’s hiking taxes, again, on farmers during a food cost crisis. And he’s hiking taxes on small businesses while Canadians’ pay cheques are shrinking.

Billionaires will not pay more because Trudeau gave them a two-month window to sell their investments and move their money abroad to pay lower taxes building foreign businesses.

Common Sense Conservatives have a plan to fix what Justin Trudeau broke. Canada needs to overhaul the system to make taxes low, simple, and fair. That’s why, within 60 days of forming government, Common Sense Conservatives will create a Tax Reform Task Force to design a Bring it Home Tax Cut that will:

1. Bring home production and powerful paycheques with lower taxes on work, hiring, and making stuff.

2. Bring home fairness by reducing the share of taxes paid by the poor and middle class while cutting tax-funded corporate welfare and cracking down on overseas tax havens.

3. Bring home 20 per cent less paperwork by simplifying tax rules.

Only Common Sense Conservatives will axe the tax and bring home powerful paycheques for all Canadians.


Kyle Seeback, M.P.


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