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June 25, 2020   ·   0 Comments

My motto is ‘nothing said, nothing done’.

For the past several years, I have been lobbying Zehrs to move the storage area for carts closer to the handicapped parking spaces. The handicapped would not have to walk such a distance to return their carts if they did this. 

Originally, I worked with Zehrs manager Tom Coogan, who was willing to oblige. When Tom left, there were other managers who were not interested in change. The latest manager, whom I have spoken to numerous times, finally told me President’s Choice was in charge, and if I wanted change, I had to speak to them.

In January, I spoke to President’s Choice. I was told by them that Loblaws was in charge, and I had to deal with Loblaws. I noted that Zehrs had designated four parking spaces for their online pick-up service, but had done nothing to move the shopping cart area. Back and forth conversations between the current Zehrs manager, myself and Loblaws continued throughout March of this year, with no results. I asked for a response by June 19, but have heard nothing. 

I did notice that they increased the online shopping spaces for cars from four to 12 in recent weeks. COVID-19 or not, they could still make changes that dealt with their bottom line. What about our seniors, and the handicapped! Why do they have to deal with carts in their parking spaces? Move the cart storage closer, like other grocery stores in this town, and this practice will stop. 

Since I use a walker and am on oxygen 24/7, I do not find it easy to move around. Many people have offered to help, and have helped me, with my tasks. I really appreciate their help, and thank them for assisting me. The younger generation have been very kind. 

I have spoken to Mayor Sandy Brown, Coun. Lisa Post and Town staff member Andrea Shaw about the issues with the handicapped. They have made changes so that businesses need to have two handicapped spaces instead of just one. Many have complied and moved ahead with the bylaw. This issue with Zehrs has not yet been resolved. It is not a difficult situation to fix. Any assistance in improving this would be appreciated. 

Keith McKibbon, Amaranth

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