Expansion coming to wastewater treatment plant in Grand Valley

June 16, 2022   ·   0 Comments

Town of Grand Valley partnered with Thomasfield Homes Ltd, Hrycyna Group (now Grand Valley Homes Ltd), Moco Farms Ltd, Corseed Inc and Cachet Developments to install an additional Equalization Tank at the Wastewater Treatment Facility. The Developers committed $3,200,000 for the construction of the tank. 

The main function of the equalization tank is to act as a buffer, collecting the raw incoming sewage that comes at widely fluctuating rates and pass it on to the rest of the sewage treatment plant at a steady flow rate. The upgrade to the plant has increased capacity of 475 singledetached unit equivalents. 

“I am happy to say that no taxpayer or user fees were used to pay for the tank construction.” Mayor Soloman stated at a ribbon cutting ceremony earlier this week. “Grand Valley Council will continue to deliver strategic investments in infrastructure to facilitate growth within the community.” Soloman went on to thank James Koetsier, Ken Vandenberg and their team at Wellington Construction Contractors Inc, Ron Alkema, Rhys Cavill, Marty Zorgel, Jeff Paznar and Gord Feniak from RJ Burnside and Associates Ltd, Eramosa Engineering Inc and Blue Sky Energy Engineers and Consulting Inc for ensuring the project came in under budget and on time. 

The Town is pleased to be able to provide this increase to the plant’s capacity to accommodate continued residential and business development in our community. Don Irvine, Alex Solomanov and their team at Ontario Clean Water Agency will continue to operate the facility.  

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