A worthwhile process?

July 20, 2017   ·   0 Comments

ORANGEVILLE COUNCIL likely should be applauded for doing something once thought of as happening only in Stalinist Russia.

It was back in 1928 that Joseph Stalin’s Kremlin brought in the first of three five-year plans designed to develop the national economy of the Soviet Union. Although the plans succeeded in building new industries, milions died of starvation when agricultural collectivization created a large-scale famine.

Now, Orangeville Council has approved the preparation of a strategic plan which identifies “municipal services, strong governance, economic vitality, community stewardship and sustainable infrastructure” as key priority areas and related actions for implementation.

Council has directed Town staff to implement the strategic priorities and actions into future reporting and departmental operating plans, the annual budget process, and progress updates.

Hopefully, such planning will at least smooth out the annual budget process. But don’t count on it bringing any tax relief in an era when services seem stretched to the limit, infrastructure is aging and capital reserves are too low.

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