A message for Orangeville drivers

October 29, 2016   ·   0 Comments

What is Wrong with Orangeville Drivers?

I was almost hit by a car when out for a run yesterday. I came upon a crosswalk clearly marked by stop signs. I  was halfway across when a driver moved forward towards me. She finally stopped though did honk her horn. Seriously?  Had she forgotten a fundamental rule that pedestrians have the right of way?  Regrettably, this is not an isolated case.  Several friends – pushing baby  strollers no less –  have been nearly hit in the same way.  At my daughter’s school, I’ve seen more than one driver almost hit a child crossing the intersection, despite the presence of  a crossing guard.

Then there’s the speed. On our street alone, two people were hit this year by speeding drivers – one sustained such a severe head injury that he is still off work.

We need slower speed limits town-wide, regular and widespread police enforcement of driving rules, and traffic calming measures across residential neighbourhoods and school zones.

Town council and the police department ignore this issue at their peril.  A failure to act could mean more injuries and even death.

Lynda Cranston

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