Wanted: some traffic counts

February 16, 2018   ·   0 Comments

WE ALL KNOW that this area is always getting the short end of the stick when it comes to government aid. But thus far not much has been done about it.

A couple of decades has passed since the government of the day (with Mike Harris as premier) in a budget-balancing act decided to dump thousands of kilometres on the shoulders of rural taxpayers, based on an assertion that they were primarily for local use.

Two of the highways in question were Highway 9 between Orangeville and Harriston and Highway 24 between Highway 401 and Collingwood, both of which had been busy two-lane roadways every bit as important as the sections of 9 and 24 that remain today.

There was a time when the Province routinely did traffic counts to assist in determining the need for highway improvements, but we’ve seen precious little evidence of such counting in recent years.

In the circumstances, we think Dufferin County Council should look seriously at hiring some students next summer to do origin/destination counts on County roads 109 and 124 (former stretches of highways 9 and 24) to quash once and for all any contention that the traffic is mainly local.

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