Wanted: A larger council

February 2, 2017   ·   0 Comments

WE WONDER HOW MANY residents of Orangeville realize that the town, with a current population approaching 30,000, has a smaller town council today than it had when the population was about 3,000.

The town currently has a mayor, deputy mayor and five councillors, but for many years it had a nine-member council – a mayor, reeve, deputy reeve and six councillors.

Although it would certainly be argued that adding two members to Council after the 2018 election would mean paying two more politicians, the fact is that it would have virtually no impact when the overall budget for 2017 is about $56 million.

Owen Sound and Collingwood, with populations slightly over 20,000, both have nine-member councils, and recent elections have seen a relative flood of good candidates for the current five councillor seats.

As we see it, an enlarged Town Council is something that’s long overdue.

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