Toms Martial Arts compete at U.S. tournament

March 10, 2017   ·   0 Comments

Ten members of Toms Martial Arts travelled south of the border on March 3 – 4, to compete at the SMAC Internationals Martial Arts Champinoships in Buffalo, New York. 

The two-day tournament hosted competitors from New York, Jew Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Canada.

Marcus Lengyel placed first in two of his divisions and also captured the 18+ Under Black Belt Grand Championship.

“This was Marcus’ first Grand Championship Win. It’s a pretty big deal. Placing first in any division is a huge accomplishment but then to go on a win over everyone else who won their divisions is something to be extremely proud of,” Said Sensei Michael Toms.

Brother and sister team Hayden and Eryn Robb went to their first large scale tournament and while not being able to take a podium placing this time out represented Toms Marital Arts very well.

“They did amazing for their first big tournament” commented Toms. “It was a good step for them to see what other school’s competitor level is to help them up their skills and work towards future goals.

Bryce Charles and Aiden Cappuccitti have been competing for almost two years. Despite being seven and eight years old respectively, these two green belts were able to make a name for themselves in Buffalo with Bryce being able to capture two first-place finishes in self defense and musical weapons, and placing second in the Grand Championship round. Aiden placed second in Self Defense, and third in under Black Belt Musical Weapons.

Other top place finishes included Sensei Michael Toms who won the 18+ Black Belt Musical Weapons division.  Jacob Wolosik won his Under Black Belt Musical Open Hand Division.

Emily Ortolan won her under black belt creative Open Hand Division and dominated in sparring beating two of her opponents by a ten point margin winning by the “mercy rule” where the match is stopped if one player gets too far ahead in points over the other competitor.

Kyle Martin placed second in 18+ Black Belt Creative Weapons.

Stephanie Manios placed third in 18+ Black Belt Traditional Open Hand Forms and third in Black Belt Women’s Fighting.

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