The Arts 2018 Year in Review

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Last year saw many marvels in the Arts world in the Headwaters Region. Although there were likely other concerts, art shows and in-house events, this is, we hope, a fairly comprehensive list. If your establishment hosts events you would like to add next year, please get in touch with the Citizen and we will be happy to include it.

Here, then, for the second year, is the Citizen’s Arts in Review.


12 to 21 – Orangeville Music Theatre (OMT)  production of My Fair Lady, in which Professor Higgins turns an ignorant flower girl from the rough environment of East London into a lady like creature to whom men want to bring flowers.

13 – Headwaters Art Gallery (HAG) opening of the Synergy, about how things work together 

15 – onday Night at the Movies (MNM) shows Breathe about Robert Cavendish who was diagnosed with polio when he was 28 and became a global advocate for disabled people.

20 to 21 – Alton Mills Arts Centre (AMAC): Fire & Ice Festival – artists were indoors, ready to talk to the public and show and sell their work and outside where there were ice sculptures and music, as well as a great barbecue and other delicious things to eat

21 – Noodle Gallery at AMAC opens with its Essential Reflections 

24 BookLore held a book talk with Kara Stanley about her book, Ghost Warning.

26 to 28 OMT – Junior production of Peter Pan, with the young actors portraying the boy who never wanted to grow up.

29 – MNM brings The Viceroy’s House to the cinema, at the historic end of the British rule of India, Lord Mountbatten moves into the Viceroy’s with his wife and six year old daughter to “give India back to itself.” Pretty tough job…


8 – Theatre Orangeville (TOV) – Little Red Theatre present Tales of Peter Rabbit with brought the stories from Beatrix Potter to life with “animated puppets, mysterious shadows and lots of laughter.”

12 – MNM shows Loving Vincent – the first ever animated oil painting, telling the tragic tale of the life of Vincent van Gogh – an interesting take on the art of cinema

15 to March 4 – TOV production of Trudeau Stories, written and performed by Brooke Johnson about her friendship with Pierre Trudeau. Fascinating.

17 HAG – open exhibition with member artist, Fragments.

27 – BookLore hosts a presentation with mystery author, Steve Burrows at the Seniors’ Centre with the Upper Credit Field Naturalists.


Through the month, BookLore helped with the launch and selling the travel-adventure book Out of Bounds on the Silk Road by former Caledon resident and student, Kate Harris

4 – TOV – One thing Leads to Another, a play developed for babies and toddlers, winning the Dora Mavor Moore New Play and Outstanding Performance, Ensemble for its innovative approach to performing for very young children . The play was produced at the theatre’s Rehearsal Hall, where the young audience sat in rapt attention for the whole performance. Developed from the original concept and research by Maja Ardal, who also performed in it with Audrey Dwyer, Julia Tribe and Frances Moore.

7 to 9 – TOV with Creative Partners on Stage (C.P.O.S.) presenting Tale Spin, stories “from everywhere,” directed by Elisabeth Glenday and co-written and choreographed with Kristen Gamach. This is the ongoing partnership between Theatre Orangeville and Community Living Dufferin to create and enjoy theatrical productions with adults with developmental disabilities.

26 to May 28 – Mondays: TOV: T.O.E.P. Program:  Theatre Orangeville Exceptional Players is a theatre program, using games, music and improv for youth and adults with developmental disabilities, aimed improving communication skills and self confidence.

10 – ookLore brought mystery writer, Ian Hamilton, for a presentation to Orangeville Public Library 

18 – estminster United Church – Art of Song concert – a mix of music, vocal and instrumental in the specifically renovated church, with a number of singers classical, folk and pop.

24 – AMAC – Headwaters Art Gallery – opening of Perspectives


5 to 22 – TOV Screwball Comedy by Norm Foster – a very funny play based on the “screwball comedies” of the 1920’s to ‘40’s. About an ambitious lady journalist wanting to get ahead and ready to buck the wise-cracking male competition.

9 – NM brought in this The Mediation Park,  a Chinese film in three languages, English Cantonese and Mandarin, about a wife betrayed and her renewed take on life.

23 – MNM showed the film, Indian Horse, about the life of a young indigenous boy, a youthful hockey star caught in the web of a residential school and eventual stardom in the hockey rink. Based on the book of the same name by Richard Wagamese.

24 – Dragonfly Arts – Window display of Michele van Maunik, with her larger than life flowers, recently shown at the Louvre in Paris.

28 – BookLore celebrating Canadian Independent Book Store Day. Nancy Frater, owner and co-founder of BookLore,  was interviewed on CBC, Fresh Air, about the importance of  Independent Book Stores.

-28 BookLore – launch of One County One Book with Orangeville, Shelburne and Grand Valley Public Libraries.

28 – AMAC – Headwaters Arts Gallery stages the opening of Kaleidoscopic Journey, an exhibition of exceptional pottery by Ann Randeraad


3 to 20 – TOV’S production of The Birds and The Bees by Mark Crawford about a love life after 50, friendships old and new, and loyalty that is indifferent to time.

 4 TOV – Starlight Gala – dinner before the Opening Night of The Birds and The Bees and artistic Director, David Nairn, standing on a chair, announced the upcoming season. 

5 – AMAC hosted their Spring Open House with a Celtic theme – Get Your Celtic On! AMAC installation of Fiona Leggs’ The Maze Project on the grounds of the Mill. 

5 – BookLore – launch of I Am Orangeville 2 by Les Sabo 

7 MNM – May’s British film was Finding Your feet about a lady in mid-life who was persuaded to start again with very cheerful results.

25 to 27 – TOV’s Battle of the Bands with T.O.Y.S. battling out favourite songs from famous bands! Raising the roof.  

22 to June 15 –TOV – Theatre for Young Audiences took Boys and Girls and Other Mythological Creatures into elementary schools. TYA is a theatre touring company that brings productions dealing with “issued- based, age- appropriate topics, presenting them in a bright and entertaining way that ..students can engage with and understand.”

31 to June 2 – Orangeville Blues and Jazz Festival. Now known internationally for the quality of the entertainment, organization and accessibility, this award winning festival brings musicians from all over the world, and thousands of visitors to Orangeville.


2 – Headwaters Art Gallery – opening of the artist’s interpretive trip across Canada. 

7 to 9 – TOV presents Sea Change, starring C.P.O.S. Drama Troupe. The play was created/directed by Jane Ohland-Cameron, with movement designed by Jenee Gowing. The eleven actors explored adventure in their lives.

12 – BookLore hosted Taco Reno’s talk on Health and Nutrition at the Orangeville Library.

15 – AMAC – Noodle Gallery opens Julia Gilmore’s farewell show Adieu with Hue in which exhibited her bigger than life view of the world and the vibrant colours she sees it.


9 to 13 – TOV – day camp (ages 4 to 6) Wonderland to Neverland – a week of quite varied theatre arts fun, exploring drama, music, storytelling – magic of theatre.

14 – AMAC – Headwaters Arts Gallery – Opening of late Denis Hopkins originals for sale. The show and sale was also to assure his widow that his paintings were being enjoyed by people in their own homes. 

16 to 20 (ages 7 to 10)  A more intense week of learning about theatre arts – character development, improv, staging, using “inspiration from various stories and our imaginations.”

20 to 21 – TOV: FringeNorth brought to Orangeville by Theatre Orangeville, the best of the Fringe Festival Toronto, for the first time. The two plays were staged in a two separate venues over two days, to the delight of the sold out audiences. 

20 to 22 – July Equus Film Festival at the Opera House was a weekend of films of many different lengths about or including horses. An American tour, this was its only stop in Canada. 

27 to 29 – TOV: Theatre Orangeville Musical Young Company produced The Secret Garden. After a month of intense rehearsal with young thespians, to whom TOV gives an entirely professional experience, the creation of this presentation of the well loved story of an orphaned Indian girl being sent to live with her sullen uncle and his presumed sick son stunned audiences, who filled the house over the four performances. 

28 – Tremendous weekend for the newly minted Museum of Dufferin, MoD – (formerly, Dufferin County Museum and Archives), opening after several months of renovations, primarily focussed on the fabulous Cornflower permanent collection. “Not as dramatic,” said Nanci Malek, Marketing and Events Coordinator at the MoD, “but it is our crowning achievement.”

28 – the kick-off of the Temperance and Temptations, a fun and very educational look at the days of prohibition here in Canada, which was not nearly as stringent as in the USA. The characters and premise were introduced at the museum to announce the upcoming tours to take place in the fall.

29 – MoD Grand Official Opening of the MoD, showing off the renovations and giving the public the opportunity to visit the newly established, and permanent installation of the well know and well loved Cornflower Glass Exhibit, the largest collection of Cornflower Glass in Canada.

29 – MoD – Loops and Lattes – a two kilometre hike with hike book author, Nicola Ross, and County Forest Manager, Caroline Mach. Refreshments back at the museum.


9 – AMAC – Sadie’s Showcase – ground breaking event in which artist, Sarah Henry- Godfrey, with guest artist, Nathan Gatton, held the first art show by adults with special needs. They were not treated with regards to their disabilities but accepted on an equal footing with other artists. 

12 – AMAC Belfountain Music Festival with Stephanie Tulloch and James Turner performing

19 – BookLore – Authors in Mulmur, featuring Dr. Brian Goldman, Joanna Goodman and Scott Thornley

23 – Dragonfly Arts held an art show for Reed T. Cooper Award winner, Darlene Hassel with her “whimsical street life paintings.”

24 to 26 – TOV  Theatre Orangeville Drama Young Company’s, with a likewise thoroughly professional performance of Robin Hood, took place on the Island Lake Waterfront Stage. For the second year, Young Company brought theatre to the Waterfront Stage with the swash and buckle of Robin and his merry men, fighting to keep England safe from the villainous Prince John until King Richard came home from the Crusades.

26 – MoD – A conversation with Terry O’Reilly, “Canada’s ad man,” on his life, passions and work, not only in the world of advertising but his many shows on the CBC.


8 to 9; 29 & 30 – MoD – Grand bus tours of Temperance and Temptations, “People basically started drinking at 9:30 in the morning – it was one hilarious meeting after another!” said star, Mag Ruffman, who wrote the dialogue as well. As an on going feature, this was the first year for the comedic and still educational tours from one brewery, distillery and beautiful meals.

15 – MoD – an evening of skywatching with Dufferin Astronomy, when folk could learn something about the stars and the planet, our galactic neighbours.

19 to 23 – TOV featured Confessions from the Ninth Concession with author, Dan Needles, and singer, songwriter, Ian Bell, in a humorous evening of life in the country and songs to match.  

20 – AMAC – Headwaters Art Gallery’s annual Opening Night Gala of the juried art show and sale of some of the best artists in the area. Many artists open in this wide area their studios all around Headwaters to invite and meet visitors from far and wide.

22 – TOV’s open house. For the first time ever, the public were invited into Theatre Orangeville to see and hear about many aspects of how plays are staged and run. Some people were in the theatre for the first time at all, not having realized such a beautiful venue was part of their community.

27 – Town of Orangeville opens up the Celebration of the Arts, an awards evening at the town open to the public to attend the presentation of a number of awards, recognizing not only artists of every persuasion but also volunteers, businesses  and events, all contributing one way another to the promotion and enjoyment of the arts in this community.

28 to 30 – elebrating the arts throughout the area and the town with workshops and exhibitions throughout. Concerts were performed at the Opera House all weekend.

28 – AMAC – Headwaters Arts Big Blues party with Larry Kurtz and his band;                  Gallery Gemma; Alex Spekus’ New York spectacular

29 – BookLore – hosted Chief Stacy Laform  to speak at Westminster United Church 


1 to December 3 – TOV invited members of T.O.E.P. back for another series of theatre art workshops.

12, 19, 26 – MoD staged the fun and interactive The Secret Still Escape Room, still playing with their Temperance and Temptation theme.

13 – Westminster United Church filled the church with Music of the Night, including all types of music about the night, from classical to modern amazing with teen ager, Hayden Thomas, playing Howl’s Merry-Go-round of life. Nancy Sicsic is  the Music Director. 

13 to 28 – TOV’s production of Lunenberg by Norm Foster in which a widow coming with her best friend, to this small fishing town in the Maritimes from Big City, USA, learns her late husband had a whole other life here. Humour and consequences.

13 – AMAC – Headwaters Arts Gallery opens with John Adams Interpretive Landscapes

20 – BookLore – book launch for Marnie Worry for her picture book, Little Green Frog.

21 – AMAC – Empty bowls is a fund raiser for the local food banks. Ann Randeraad staged this event where patrons pay for a bowl of soup and keep the hand made pottery bowl. Potters all around North America host these events as annual events to raise money and awareness of local people in need.

25 – Dragonfly Arts – “Evening with the Author,”  Roselyn Levin’s book, the Brush Dances, a thorough how-to book on Sumi-é painting.

27 – MoD invited Paranormal Investigators with the Paranormal Seekers, scientifically based group who seek out the spooks with a high level of professionalism. Shadows of those who were possibly detected on the second floor, which seemed to agree with what kids have said about it….

28 to December 31 – MoD – Life Actually – a exhibit of photographs by Pete Paterson of members of Facilitation Wellington-Dufferin, photos of people in their happiest places. Said Mr Paterson, “Their smiles and joy came to me with joy – it was wonderful.”

28 – MoD  Fall Storytelling and live music in Corbetton Church on the museum grounds. That special form of entertainment, probably the most ancient, and from which theatre is derived. 

29 – BookLore hosted a book signing by Curtis Joseph (Cujo) at the Alder Arena. Big excitement for hockey fans. 

29 to December 3 – TOV – Stagecraft was a new program of six weeks, led by Technical Director, Lisa Lahue, and Production Manger, Beckie Morris, to teach the basics of set construction and finishing. 


15 –  TOV – Rumpelstiltskin PJ party – invited children to come in their favourite pyjamas to see this fun play produced by Dufflebag Theatre about a strange little elf who can spin straw into gold; told with lots of laughs.

16 – Dragonfly Arts participated in the Orangeville’s Moonlight Magic with artists and musician Lisa Watson and wood worker, Winston Utenbogaart

17 – AMAC – Northern Brampton Watercolour Society brought an art show to the Falls Gallery.

17 – TOV presents their annual fundraiser and best party of the year, the Victorian Christmas Gala, which was a fabulous success, both a good time and a very successful event. Held at the Best Western Inn and Conference Centre, Orangeville.

24 – BookLore Story time with children’s author, Werner Zimmerman, with his new picture book At the Pond. 

28 – BookLore hosted a book launch for Crash Landing by Liz Janzen

29 to December 23 – TOV’s annual Christmas play, this year A Christmas Story about life in middle America 1950’s and young Ralphie who only wants a Red Ryder BB gun under the tree. Narrated by his older self. An interesting format  which Jamie Williams, in the role of older Ralph, made work well.


1 – BookLore signing with Professor Mark Rector with his “Oh Canada!”

4 – BookLore and TOV jointly hosting long time journalist with the Toronto Star, Tanya Talaga. in conversation with her book Seven Fallen Feathers, delving into the mysterious deaths and their causes of seven Indigenous young people while attending high school in Thunder Bay. Stirring and disturbing.

5 – TOV fall time Academy Showcase. Members of T.O.E.P.  strutting their stuff for the enthusiastic audiences.

8 – BookLore welcomed author Brenda Chabot and her new book Flight Attendants. Nancy Frater mentioned to the Citizen that every month, BookLore hosts two book clubs. 

11 – TOV’s Relaxed Performance: in its policy for total inclusiveness, the theatre ran one performance of A Christmas Story on a somewhat altered basis in the theatre, with open doors and house lights dimmed only half, to welcome those who might not come to a regular performance. Embraced with real excitement on the part of one and all.

15 – Performance of Messiah at Broadway Pentecostal Tabernacle with the Tecumseth Singers, Dufferin Concert Singers, accompanied by the Waterloo Chamber Players Orchestra and conducted by John Wervers. Sold-out concert.

15 – AMAC – Opening the Encaustic Studio, recently acquired by Karen Brown and Kim Kool, who are bringing new ideas to teaching encaustic art in their frequent workshops.

16 – MoD held the Home for Christmas presentation by the town of Mono 

16, 17 – TOV’s T.O.Y.S. sang their happy way through a collection of Christmas songs mixed in with a party-while-the-parents-are- away story – lots of fun.

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