Over 200 parking tickets issued at Mono Cliffs Park over the weekend

May 20, 2021   ·   1 Comments

The Dufferin Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) is warning visitors of Mono Cliffs Provincial Park to obey parking by-laws.

Mono Cliffs Provincial Park is one of the most popular scenic destinations in the Town of Mono; however, park staff have been overwhelmed with the influx of visitors. The park cannot accommodate parking for the increased number of vehicles and with the May long weekend approaching, concern is growing. 

Last weekend, over 200 parking tickets were issued to vehicles parked along the roads surrounding the park (3rd Line, 2nd Line, and 25 Sideroad). This creates significant safety concerns for motorist travelling on these roads. Park visitors are asked to use the main entrance parking lot.

Vehicles found in violation will be ticketed and potentially towed if they are found to be in a hazardous location. 

Our officers are dedicated to addressing any of the arising issues. The Dufferin OPP is engaged with our residents and responds to their concerns to ensure the continuous well-being of our community.

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  1. Jaime says:

    I was really disappointed and upset with this place.My family and friends visited here last weekend.After looking for a parking spot for several minutes along the road we decided to go back but while we were driving very slowly almost in front of the entrance the guy guarding the gate open it and told us that we can go/park inside.So i drove passed the gate followed by another family member in another vehicle.Only to found out later after several hours that we got ticketed for parking violation.But prior to that we were not aware nor we saw any signage nor been told by the guy guarding the entrance that we need a permit to park inside.The ticket was $30 per vehicle.Second dissapointment was not enough info regarding the Monocliff(Cliff) how far it was when you are along the trail or any direction signage at all.We went back afterall to the parking lot and walk more than 5 km or 10km plus two way without finding or visited the Monocliff we was actually our purpose in visiting the place.Third dissapointment was the trail itself with visitors walking along and fast horses trailing behind you and overtaking without knowing it and also the poo of these horses along the trail on the ground which was not a good sight for visitors.I was very dissapointed with the palce.


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