Open letter to Premiere Ford

July 29, 2021   ·   0 Comments

Premier Ford you were hailed a wise man in spring 2020. Now your people let loose on their dissatisfaction at your covid-19 performance: you should have instantly done this and the other, but not that and the other.  They are not co-operating with you? Did you co-operate with them when they asked you for smoke-free Ontario, greenbelt protection, clean environment?

How much of a hand may you have had in creating an insatiable people who must have it all right now, whose rights and privileges lead them to let you know their covid-19 monetary gifts plus their other “free” tax payers’ goods and services are not, and will never be, enough?

Have you helped to grow the well-catered to, well primed and pampered people who have learnt to demand more, and more, and more; who have no shame claiming poverty in the midst of their bounty? The exceptions are so hard to find, apart from the homeless, maybe?

Have you some responsibility for causing upside down priorities in your people? Can you see they can’t afford food, heat, hydro, bus tickets, gasoline etc. but have no qualms about high costs of large numbers of elaborate luxuries even as they weep of hardships?  

You had encouraged them to go shopping, order in, eat out, rock it up in bars, lie in salon beds as if indicating that parting with their money is best for them and for the economy.  It’s the slight nudge that excuses them to gallop on old habits when covid-19 begs for smaller, healthier living. Do you not hear the call Premier? Or do you want them to live as destructively as before covid-19? 

And yes, you did open hair and nail salons first with bars and restaurants and strip bars too, as if the show must go on at all costs.  If people can’t face the day without being chemically re-coloured and “salon perfected” how are they going to face any crises unless their hands are held all the way?

Have you helped your people to gather that paying for ludicrous new “needs” is their business and their crying hunger is society’s guilt? Are perpetual food banks, and the likes, money-gifted by governments, the great enablers?

Have you noticed people must have more stuff than they need in mountainous quantities like toy mountains, food mountains, all-items mountains and constantly “throw out” while some media, capitalists, politicians and “do-gooders” appear to encourage over consumption and wail of poverty simultaneously? 

Will you help to end greed and wastefulness? or will that mean job losses? Do you have any concern about personal responsibility loss? Responsible lifestyle loss?  Gratitude loss? Self-reliance/respect loss? Natural resources loss? Clean environment loss?

Aren’t your people and their advocates complaining about health care shortcomings? What are they prepared to give up to “better” their “free” health care? Cosmetic surgery? Polluting conveniences? Grandiosity? eternal youth a.k.a toxic cover up of gray hairs and “roots”? Will they do a bit more for themselves or will that be against their “rights”?

Can the rich take more from the poorest people of the “third world” to support a fat, pretentious life style?

Premier Ford aren’t you a wise man? Will you be the leader who tells folks the tough truth?

Gloria Ramnath

Shelburne, Ont. 

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