Open letter to Premiere Doug Ford re: PSWs (2/2)

July 8, 2021   ·   0 Comments

Premier Ford, is it honest to increase staff, increase hours to 40 weekly, increase wages, without taking it back through increased prices for everything? “Geniuses” say inflation is good? 

Do psws demand more money or do one-sided advocates do that for them? Most psws like their job. Pandemic aside, they will gladly stay for $14.00 hourly, as many do, if they don’t have to work double loads, double shifts, with double pressure and can take their well-deserved 2 X 15/1 X 30 mins break, days off and vacation.

Eight months compact college course, some grandfathered in, people say psws are not “educated enough” for $14-26. Could be why they have to work extremely hard and fast to “earn” their wages. Seems as some demand more money, others demand more labour from psws and reduce staff to maintain profit levels. Pandemic pay $50,000.00 for psws, with benefit? For how long? Fewer psws, more “psw aides”?  Psws given more money will not sprout more hands on their arms; will like sprout them heavier workload. Psws already worry about doing tasks that were nurses’ responsibility.

Double psws on floors will reduce pain, aches, injuries, hidden annoyances, verbal and physical violence from lovely seniors causing cops called to the sites.  Burnout and quittings will be mostly corrected. Work will be enjoyable and better done bringing improved well-being and safety, joy and laughter from having more time for each other and for residents, with more eyes, ears, hands which will modify inflexible, rigid, robotic, sterile, austere feelings of care homes that so many people dread.  The atmosphere will be lightened, softer, inviting; filling those homes with happy people.  Psws will not “need” all those expensive “stress relieving treats”, some of which they know are debilitating to body, mind, wallets and environment.

Psws in care homes run-walk. 15 minutes to get an infirm person woken and prepared for breakfast? Toileted, washed, changed, perfumed, powdered, lotioned, combed, disinfecting and all the rest.  Psws care in private individual homes parallel that in retirement homes, assisted living homes, LTC homes and hospitals; all done several times a day, some not even necessary but expected in a demanding society.

As various diseases now occupy a single body of any age, people are sicker and needier; longevity! indulgences! chemicalized living!  Some persons even need a psw 24/7/365 plus regular care from other psws. Every second is filled with heavy work, so every second wasted in countering falling objects from over-stuffed closets, window sills, floors, adds to the irritations psws hide as they manoeuvre large equipments and supplies in crowded homes, big or small.  Will families reduce clutter? They “go shopping”, piling on more without end. Are they so willing to buy essentials, or pay for companionship to relieve loneliness of their loved ones?  They sure pay unknown profiteers for dead items.

People call segments of psws work “dirty”; not what anybody aspires to, but done with kindness as a fact of life.  Every aspect of the job is detailed and takes time that is not available yet is used up to decorate door knobs, hallways, airspace, walls, ceilings, and rooms with a monthly, if not weekly or daily, theme wasting time and materials.  Psws even decorate seniors’ finger nails.

Canadian way of pelting problems with money often misses the targets. Meanwhile qualified, experienced and needed psws are wasted stocking shelves in retail for $14.00 and hour.

Gloria Ramnath

Shelburne, ON

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