Open House coming to Red Barn Pet Resort in Hockley Valley.

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Jay and Delia Phillips are hosting an Open House for their new Red Barn Pet Resort on June 9 at their home business in Hockley Valley at 994448 Mono-Adjala Townline.

“It was more actually my idea, my dream for quite some time,” Delia Phillips remarked. 

“When I was taking my dogs to a kennel, when I wanted to go on holiday, when I got back, they didn’t look very well, as if they were not treated very well. So, it was always my goal to have place where dogs could come and stay and still look as healthy as when they came and go home happy. This has been my goal for 30 years.”

She and husband Jay decided three years ago that they finally wanted to buy a place in the country that could support this dream of a wonderful pet resort, where the animals in their care would have a happy and healthy time with their visit and go home, well and cheerful. 

Finally, they found the perfect place on the Mono Adjala Townline, in Hockley Valley. A beautiful Tudor-style house. Outside, 27 acres mainly wooded, idyllic. 

Ms. Phillips took up the story, “When we were actually were looking, we contacted Mono to find out whether we were allowed to build and they told us we had to go to Niagara Escarpment (Commission). So, we contacted the Niagara Escarpment and they told is we need to purchase the property first and go back to the Town of Mono. So, we took the leap of faith. Then Mono said you need 50 acres and it was rejected by council unanimously. 

“Then, they said we could try again with the councillors. They rejected it, too, because of needing 50 acres. There was noise concern with barking dogs.”

Still, they were encouraged, “to appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) and it was accepted.”

Jay Phillips gave us the details, “We had to be the right distance from the roads, property lines. Our neighbours were okay about it. One neighbour was a bit doubtful but we had the chance to talk to them after the OMB. We made sure the fence was PVC around the dogs’ pen and we moved the whole structure back to be in the trees. Moved it 100 feet back from the road. Now, it’s out of sight, out of mind.”

A maximum of 10 dogs is the rule and, “We’ll only have three dogs out at the same time. In the end, our neighbours wished us well.”

“We’re going to try really hard to get along with the neighbours,” Ms. Philips promised. “We fell in love with this property. I’ve only been here 2 1/2 years and I can’t imagine leaving it. I’ve never loved a property as much as I love this one. “

From Mr. Phillips, he was entirely honest, “Oh boy, I’m along for the ride. I have the passion for pets and I’m just happy to do this with her. I love the idea of seeing what we can do to make the dogs as happy as though they were at their own home.”

Part of the genuine love of the project was, “It was a lot of fun building this and we built this together; we did it all ourselves [except for the electrical work] and it really was fun.”

What they built is “five yard barns; each one has two suites and each dog has its own space and has the opportunity to leave through the back door to use the 40’ by 60’ area that is enclosed. We have made trails though our 27 acres for walking the dogs.”

Continuing to outline the luxurious details, Ms. Phillips explained, “For extra soft bed that the dogs use for sleeping in their spaces. We’ve talked about bringing a dog into the house, if needed. Most dogs, when they go to a resort, they are locked up. We are working with using product from Dotera [essential oils]. They are helping us understand how to use essential oils. We can use oils to prevent ticks. We want to do things as much as possible with diffusers to keep the dogs calm and comfortable.

“They each have separate rooms. We won’t social them together unless they come from the same family. Most pets won’t really go for other dogs. They’re mainly used to being on their own with their families. We’ll be taking them for individualized walk and playing.”

Delia Phillips wanted to thank the Town of Mono, saying, “I think, as we went through it [planning application], it was really stressful for us but the Town of Mono was really helpful. I’m just so grateful for that. We’re not set to change the rules; we just wanted what was right and they made us go through our due diligence. The mayor was able to support us and support the neighbours as well. 

“We didn’t move here to change the laws” she wanted to be really clear: “It was just so incredible to see how they’re were willing to work with us.”

Spreading the word, “A friend works for 101.5 My Radio has been doing some advertising for us, as well as social media and Facebook.”

Already there are requests from Facebook and the radio, people dropping in when they see the new road sign, asking for pricing and so forth.

“We actually made beds and new mattresses for the dogs,” Ms. Philips offered more details. “Each room has a closet. They can bring their own bed. We want to encourage them to bring toys.”

More importantly, “They have to bring them bring their own food. Dogs can get sick if there are sudden changes to their food. If people don’t bring enough, we’ll just go out and buy that, so the dog doesn’t get sick.”

Their own dog will not be interacting with the other dogs.

Still ambitious, “We’re going to look at taking small animals in the future, to keep them in the basement of our house – it has a walk-out – because people want to go on holidays, so they have to depend on others to care for them. There aren’t very many people who take in small animals with their business.”

They both worked for Pet Smart for 20 years and ran their dog hotels. “The chain carries everything for small animals; some of their stores have pet animals, just dogs and cats, but they don’t go outdoors,” Ms. Phillips let us know.

At the Red Barn Pet Resort, the rooms “are all heated, not the floors, and we can provide heating pads for the beds. This winter, we had the opportunity to keep the heat on and it was really nice and warm in the barns. 

So, their Open House for their Red Barn Pet Resort is on June 9 from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. at 994448 Mono Adjala Townline.

Said Mr. Phillips, “We’re very excited to get rolling. People have been asking and we’re pretty excited that people are asking. It took so long.”

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