Noelle the Elf spreading the Christmas Spirit through town

December 15, 2017   ·   0 Comments

By Avery Park

Popping up everywhere she can, Noelle the Elf made an appearance here at the Citizen last week, and we got the chance to discover what the life of an elf looks like!

Four years ago, Santa Claus sent Noelle here to Orangeville to bring joy to everyone she meets, and she’s been doing just that. Nobody goes untouched by this elf’s Christmas spirit.

While showing up to events, and creating her own, Noelle has grown to love the community here in Orangeville and tells the Citizen, “In Orangeville everyone is very friendly and all of the kids are very welcoming.”

“I make sure all of the girls and boys are behaving and staying on the nice list,” she continues. Noelle is always out doing something to bring joy to our community, and you never know where she will show up next.

There are some events she will have, and if they come with a fee, it is purely charitable. Noelle has started collecting donations towards gift cards for parents that have a child in the hospital over the holidays.

The children are always well taken care of in the hospitals, but more often than not, parents get forgotten when they could be struggling through issues of their own. This is Noelle’s special way to not only bring joy to children, but their parents as well.

With all of the events she goes to, Noelle doesn’t have a lot of free time. “I am always out making sure everyone around me is smiling. I hand out stickers, candy canes, book marks, and whatever else I might have”

On Dec. 24th, when she returns to the North Pole, her regular elf duties will be there waiting for her. They will all be helping to prepare Santa’s Sleigh, get the rest of the presents ready and make sure all of the reindeer are fed.

Right after Christmas, all of the elves will start getting ready for next year with all of their special jobs. When they do have some free time, there are snowball fights, snow angels being made, chocolate chip cookie baking competitions (Mrs. Claus wins every time), and candy cane eating.

When Noelle resumes her position of the Orangeville Elf Representative, she will be making sure all of the boys and girls are being nice and listening, and doing what they’re told.

“Everybody I’ve seen so far is nice, and if they’re not, I see them working really hard to be on the nice list,” says Noelle. She loves coming back to Orangeville, and will keep coming as long as Santa keeps sending her.

Noelle is very excited for this Christmas, and intends on making it the best for everyone she meets, “I just do this to bring people joy, because that really is the most important thing.”

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