Mono to look into banning plastic bags

July 26, 2018   ·   0 Comments

By Jasen Obermeyer

Mono Council this week directed staff to look into the possibility of implementing a ban on the usage of plastic bags.

At Tuesday’s (July 24) council meeting, Climate Change Action Dufferin-Caledon (CCADC) gave a presentation to council and staff on the usage of plastic bags, their harmful effect on the environment, what can be done, and above all, asking council to implement a bylaw to ban plastic bag usage.

“Plastic doesn’t break down, it doesn’t return to its original state,” said one the CCADC presenters. “It’s going to be with us in a non-natural form for a very long time.”

Members of CCADC had previously been to Orangeville council to make the same request, and will be going to the other Dufferin municipalities eventually.

Mono Deputy Mayor Ken McGhee thanked them for the presentation, but said that banning plastic bag usage isn’t the only solution. “It is an educational thing, because the enforcement is going to be the hard part,” he commented. “We have to take a look at what is a reasonable alternative.”

Councillor Ralph Manktelow added that plastic bags aren’t the only problem, pointing to the usage of plastic water bottles. “It’s a small thing,” he said in regards to implementing a by-law, “but it’s a start.”

Mono Mayor Laura Ryan suggested to the CCADC that they get in touch with the County’s waste management department.

Councillor Fred Nix put forth the motion to direct staff to investigate the feasibility of implementing a bylaw to ban plastic bags, and for staff to undertake a social media campaign to educate residents on the impact plastic bags have on the environment.

Councillor Manktelow seconded the motion, which was unanimously approved by council, a move applauded by residents in attendance.

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