Mono Council responds to residents’ concerns, goes over investment performance

April 28, 2022   ·   0 Comments

By Peter Richardson

Mono’s April 26 Council meeting began with a series of questions from a resident of the Mono/Adjala Townline, Anthony Hosein.

He began by inquiring if Council knew who to contact regarding establishing a neighbourhood watch program, citing that the OPP had no information.

Mono Mayor John Creelman noted that the OPP would attend a meeting of concerned parties and outline how to establish the program and the various do’s and don’ts involved. He said that he was going to set up such a meeting over the next month or two.

The second question, concerned the timing of erecting signage on Towline pertaining to road safety, in particular speeding, noting a May deadline as fast approaching.

Mike Dunmore, director of public works noted that he was unsure of what deadline Mr Hosein was referring to, but three weeks ago, share the road signs were erected along Towline and public works tends to signage all year in Mono. As for speeding, Mike said a speed evaluation on that road, was completed and showed that speeds are well within accepted limits and that evaluation was forwarded to the Police Service Board.

At that point, Coun. Melinda Davie recounted how on the last good weather day, she had heard loud noises, reminding her of the Toronto Indy while she was sitting outside.

She later learned that it had been a group of Porsches driving through the back roads at high speed. She noted that it would have been nice to have had them apprehended, but Police cannot be everywhere and neither can signs deter such practices. Her point being that only in a perfect world would this not occur, whatever the preventative measures.

The third question concerned getting notices out to residents of Mono regarding safety protocols surrounding fireworks and what is and is not allowed and on what holidays.

Mayor Creelman noted that the new Fireworks bylaw had received first reading and was now in the public input stage and that many other communities are also considering bylaws on the issue.

The public input process does however take time.

Coun. Davie asked if some form of safety notice could not be posted on the Town website and social media. The Clerk said it likely could be and the matter was left at that.

Lastly, Mr. Hosein asked how the Town was going to deal with the upcoming Gypsy Moth season.

Mayor Creelman said that spraying individual properties from the air, was a cost prohibitive process. Homeowners could spray from the ground according to the County forester and the Burlap wrapping technique was also an option.

Mayor Creelman noted however, that both burlap and the spray itself were in short supply. Coun. Davie said that the spray killed all caterpillars, which was not the best solution as some were not harmful and are a wildlife food source.

Deputy Mayor Fred Nix said the County expected the infestation to be less than in previous years as the insects are moving eastward steadily.

Doug Kiser, another resident had a question regarding the Island Lake Family Playground, set to reopen July 1, and the ongoing discussions with the CVC about Island Lake access problems and a solution.

Mayor Creelman, mentioned that the CVC said the main access point was off 1st Line.

The discussion is scheduled for a meeting on May 10 and a resolution may be decided at that point.

The CVC will be in attendance at the meeting to answer questions CAO Mark Early said he will have a report on the issue at the next Council meeting in May.

Next up, Treasurer Les Halucha presented the annual Investments Performance Report from Will MacKay of CIBC Wood Gundy. The Town’s investments performed above expectations in 2021 with a growth of 3.832 per cent, making 2021 another good year for Mono.

Motions to accept Adopt a Road requests from Singing Waters Ministries and the Jaya Kripps Band were both passed. Singing waters will adopt a three-kilometre section of Hurontario, from Hockley Road to 10 Sideroad and the Jay Kipps Band will adopt four kilometres of 5 Sideroad, from Airport Road to 3rd Line.

Mike Dunmore said they are a welcome addition to the popular Adopt a Road program.

The proposed Osprey Platform in the Klondyke Gravel Pit came up next. The note for installation was $3,250 which Mike Dunmore felt was rather high, however as the breeding season is traditionally April to May, he was recommending accepting it so as not to miss the season.

Deputy Mayor Nix said he had been approached by two residents who were willing to volunteer to put up the platform at no cost or minimal cost to the Town and suggested they table the item until he could investigate the particulars.

It was also suggested that perhaps a better location, closer to Island Lake could be found. The proposed owner would be 40 feet tall, with a platform atop for the nest. After some discussion regarding the breeding season and platform location, it was decided to table the proposal till a future meeting.

The final discussion, was robust praise for the recently held Make Mono Shine garbage collection drive. Over 1,700 pounds of road side garbage was collected, with more waiting to be picked up and all concerned thought it was a highly successful day, despite the inclement weather.

Everything involved was a record success and it is hoped by all that this can be continued in the future.

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