Keep Your Greenbelt Promise

June 8, 2023   ·   0 Comments

To the Editor,

I write today out of deep concern for the well-being of future generations and the future of our increasingly distressed planet.  Our provincial government broke their promise to protect the Greenbelt and they are moving quickly to open the Greenbelt to large scale urban development.  Common sense tells us that we need to preserve, not destroy irreplaceable ecosystems and watersheds, protect valuable farmland and species at risk and plant not cut down forests if we are to stabilize our warming planet by reducing C02 emissions. 

Opening up the Greenbelt to urbanization, despite their own government’s report which clearly states that there is enough land outside of the Greenbelt to meet Ontario’s future housing needs, will create more car dependent urban sprawl and spew more C02 undermining our ability to reduce C02 emissions.  Pursuing this unnecessary and destructive development plan jeopardizes our collective future.  Ontarians did not vote to develop the Greenbelt.  Doug Ford should keep his Greenbelt promise by acting to protect the Greenbelt, not destroy it. 


Sharon Sommerville

Mono, Ontario

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