Innovative program improves education for home buyers

March 23, 2017   ·   0 Comments

By Bill Rea

Buying a house is an awkward and stressful time for anyone, and there are extra complications if it’s a new construction.

But a program has been developed to help guide new home buyers through some of the frustration and confusion.

Inside ‘N’ Out Home Advisors is offering a program that walks buyers through the entire home-buying process; from the pre-purchase and purchase, to the construction and initial warranty stages.

Co-founded by Caledon resident Corey Webster, the idea behind it is to provide the purchaser with the tools they need to educate themselves about the process, thus making them less vulnerable to being taken advantage of.

When it comes to buying a newly built home, the majority believe the process will be simple and straightforward. However, the truth is that it often becomes time consuming, frustrating, daunting and costly.

Mr. Webster said he operates out of his Strawberry Fields home, bringing with him his background as a contractor (he was in the water-proofing industry). He also completed a home inspectors course about five years ago.

“I started out just helping neighbours and friends,” he said, gradually realizing there was an educational component that was missing from the process. The people he was helping were referring him to others, and Webster realized there was a business in this field.

“It’s a matter of people hearing the right information at the right time,” he observed.

Inside ‘N’ Out has cited a 2014 survey that revealed that 51 per cent of home buyers admit to being influenced by emotion when purchasing their home. It also found that a first-time homeowner’s lack of experience might put them more at risk for costly surprises. Common concerns include consumer education and the dispute resolution process between home buyers and builders.

“There is a complete lack of unbiased and integrity-based consumer education and guidance out there,” Inside ‘N’ Out co-founder Chris DeGoeas observed. “We started the business because we wanted to help new home buyers avoid the many pitfalls, frustrations and misconceptions that we ourselves experienced having gone through the process several times.”

“This is the largest investment people are making in their lifetime,” Mr. Webster observed, adding he wanted to share experiences and results, based on contacts he had with industry insiders.

He said he’s been doing this since 2013, when the company started.

“We really, really took off late last year,” he said, adding they wanted to make sure they had the possible bugs ironed out before starting to seriously grow.

He added they have compiled a comprehensive check list, and they encourage people to ask tough questions.

Mr. Webster says they have put together software for a full online process.

Buyers can choose between three packages. All packages include The Homebuyers Playbook, which gives buyers countless reminders and pertinent information along with checklists and worksheets to help buyers gather valuable information in a clear and precise manner. Upgraded packages include consultations and home warranty assistance. More information about Inside ‘N’ Out Home Advisors’ packages can be found at

He also stressed they are there to educate.

“I’m not an advocate,” he declared.

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